Reinhart Realtors: 11 Reasons Our Agents Love Living in the Ann Arbor Area

Our agents have lived and worked in the community for years — sometimes even decades — and they know all the best attractions and features, whether or not it’s related to real estate. Here are some of the things our agents love most about the area, from its artsy culture to family-friendliness and access to outdoor recreation to the variety of restaurant options.

Consider this our love letter to Ann Arbor!

The Variety of Things to Do

Sporting events, restaurants, hikes, breweries, art events, concerts, shopping — you name it and we have it. You’ll never run out of things to do in Ann Arbor!

“I love that in one day and in one city you can take a picnic basket filled with goodies from local bakeries like White Lotus Farms, rent a kayak for a few hours on the Huron River, go shopping at all the amazing shops downtown, then end the evening with a night out on the town!”

— Giselle Gaitan

“The variety of experiences, including restaurants, nature, culture, and people is amazing — and it’s not overwhelming.”

— Michelle Armbruster

Art is Everywhere

Ann Arbor has a thriving arts community. Follow our 24-hour itinerary for the art lover to experience it all!

“I love how you can find art everywhere, in the elaborate murals on buildings, the street art under the railroad trestle on Miller, the utility boxes and trash cans near the downtown area that have been painted, the sculptures and art projects on campus and in the fairy doors and gardens in our neighborhoods — truly a feast for the eyes!”

— Nancy Bowerbank

It’s Family-Friendly

Ann Arbor is an excellent place to raise a family. In fact, it was named the #5 Best Place to Raise a Family by Niche in 2021! Winterspringsummer or fall — there is so much to do with kids in the Ann Arbor area.

“I love Ann Arbor because it is such a great place to raise my kids! We have access to SO MANY THINGS — and most of them are within walking distance from our house — the library, park, restaurants, shopping, schools, etc.”

— Corinne Shafer

“There is something in Ann Arbor for every age group to discover and enjoy. The energy of the university town especially in the fall, David Zinn’s surprise sidewalk chalk drawings, downtown’s restaurants and shops, the seasonless beauty and activities offered on the Huron River, always great people watching, support for local businesses, our phenomenal Huron Valley Humane Society, variety of volunteering, amazing foundations and establishments to care for our citizens, Food Gatherers, incredible musical performances and instruction, museums and fantastic architecture, the park systems, the Ann Arbor Greenbelt, excellent private and public education, Jack Frost’s storefront window etchings during the holidays, access to an outstanding healthcare, and people from all over the world.”

— Julie Svinicki

The Diversity

With an overall diversity score of 93 out of 100, Ann Arbor is relatively diverse when compared to other cities. And the city is consistently making efforts to increase its diversity through a number of initiatives!

“I love the vastness of diversity, cultures and backgrounds.”

— Megan Davenport

“I love the diversity!”

— Sandra Stalmack

“Ann Arbor is a culturally diverse and educated community with great restaurants and options for entertainment.”

— Trish Edwards

The Restaurant Scene


With that diversity comes a variety of different cuisines from all over the globe. Here is a small sampling of some of the city’s most-loved restaurants, serving everything from Spanish tapas to pub fare.

“I love the variety of restaurants.”

— Sandra Stalmack

“I love the variety of foods in the Ann Arbor area. In such a small area we can enjoy foods from Japan, Ethiopia, Korea, Syria, Vietnam, Jamaica — all over! And the Detroit area food scene is so close, too — Iraqi, Mexican, Lebanese, Nigerian, Bangladeshi — such great variety!”

— Jason Boggs

It’s Safe

Safety is an important factor to consider when deciding where you should live. Thankfully, Ann Arbor fares quite well in that category — and was even named the sixth safest city in the state by Munetrix.

“I love that it’s a safe community. There isn’t any place in Ann Arbor where I don’t feel safe!”

— Melissa VanDam

The People

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people. Ann Arbor is a place where people say “hello” to their neighbors, tip their baristas, and take a moment to engage in conversation in the grocery store aisle.

“I love the people! Seriously, I have lived in many states and countries and the people who live in the Ann Arbor Area are genuine and caring! The people have captured my heart.”

— Maura Rains

“I love the energy, vitality and people. I moved here from Florida so my experiences were heightened as I saw everything for the first time. I love the restaurants, sporting venues and living in a college town.”

— Barbara Zinser

The Beautiful Sights

From the lush trees to the architecture, we think Ann Arbor is a sight to behold! You’ll never run out of pretty things to look at here.

“My favorite thing about Ann Arbor is the beautiful sights. For me, nothing beats waking up on a sunny morning, getting my favorite latte from my favorite coffee shop, 19Drips, and heading to the Nichols Arboretum to take in all that nature has to offer. Sipping my drink at the top of the hill while overlooking the Arb with the University of Michigan Hospital in the background beautifully situated atop the Huron River is a sight you can’t find anywhere but Ann Arbor.”

— Michael Leighton

The Sports Culture

To say football is ingrained in our culture is an understatement. With U-M in our midst, you have no choice but to become a sports fan once you move here!

“I love Football Saturdays at the Big House in the fall in Ann Arbor. I love the energy of the fans and having dinner downtown at Knights on Friday night.”

— Tracey Roy

The Lively Downtown Area

Our downtown is alive and well! Residents and visitors alike love our walkable downtown, packed with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, shops and more.

“I love walking around downtown with my husband and son. It is so vibrant and lively. RoosRoast Coffee is our place to grab our cup of java, and we recently discovered the delicious baked goods from the Great Commoner.”

— Haleh Najafi

The Natural Beauty + Outdoor Recreation in Surrounding Areas

A city is enhanced by its surroundings — and Ann Arbor is surrounded by beautiful parks worth exploring and small towns worth living in.

“I love what is just *outside* of Ann Arbor and the many small town options to live in. Within 15 miles, you can access a beautiful chain of Michigan freshwater lakes. I love the metro and state parks, and other recreation areas for mountain biking, hiking, fishing, camping, picnics, etc. It’s the surrounding Ann Arbor Area that supports the success of Ann Arbor and vice versa.”

— Alice Roderick


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