Dexter Creamery Creates Summer Treasure Hunt

By Aimee Bingham Osinski

Driving into Dexter I noticed a billboard that peaked my interest – something about a treasure hunt.

I recalled scavenger hunts as a child and smiled. The billboard indicated something different, a real treasure. It sounded like a fun activity to do with my daughter so I headed to the Dexter Creamery as the billboard suggested to get more information.

Sitting on the counter, close to the door was a small treasure chest. An employee graciously explained the details of the game.

Every Saturday morning, at noon a clue will be released on the screen of the TV in the creamery. The clue will be a riddle that, once solved, will provide the location of a small treasure chest.  The chest will be hidden within five miles of the Creamery. It will not require digging or destruction of property to find. It will be empty.

Once returned to the Creamery the lucky person to claim it will receive a prize of gold and silver coins. A REAL Treasure! Unlike the scavenger hunts of childhood, your treasure will not be bobby pins, paper clips and a new birthday party yo-yo. You will receive gold and silver coins.

The clue will be released in the store at noon on Saturday. If nobody finds the treasure it will be released in the store again over the next 48 hours. If it still goes un-found, the clue will be released over Facebook and Instagram. If nobody finds the treasure for the week, the gold and silver will be transferred to the following week’s treasure.

However, that does not appear to be a concern. The last treasure was located within 56 minutes of the Saturday clue release. The hunt is free to play, but rest assured, you will not walk into the creamery without buying something to fuel your hunt.  And you won’t regret the decision for a summertime treat.

A customer was on his way out as I was asking the employee questions. He told me he witnessed the first winner carrying the treasure chest out from its hiding place. He explained that this week he was in the right place but a fellow hunter explained the treasure had been found 15 minutes before he arrived.

Sympathetically, I said, “Oh man!  You were so close!”

He smiled a huge smile and said he doesn’t even care if he wins, it’s just fun and he got to get one of these, as he hoisted what looked to be a shake up over his head.  It’s very rare that a close call with a treasure would leave a person joyful and smiling, but when the loser gets to enjoy a treat, loss isn’t nearly as bitter.

Plus, he’s clearly having a great time trying to find the treasure. If you’re looking for something fun to try, head over to the Dexter Creamery on Saturday for the noon clue release and see if you can win.

The final clue will be released on Thursday, Aug. 5.  For updates on clues and how long it takes for the winners to find the chest, you can follow along on Facebook HERE

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