Local Candidate Profiles: Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners District 1

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Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners District 1

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is the chief policy-making body of county government. Its mission is to represent the citizens of Washtenaw County and to be responsible for all County services. The board has 9 members, elected to 2-year terms. In District 1, Rod Anderson is running against Jason Maciejewski.

Here is one question from the candidate’s profiles presented on the site.

1. What are the most serious problems facing the County and how will you work to solve them?

Rod Anderson (R)
We appear to be nearing a tipping point in our political discourse nationally. Lack of civil communication between left and right is harming our democracy at all levels. We must learn to listen to each other if our democracy is to thrive. The County Commission is exclusively Democratic, as a conservative, I would bring a certain perspective to the Commission, but would also listen respectfully to alternative approaches. Often individuals of different ideological perspectives simply do not understand the moral underpinnings of an opposing argument. I would hope to respectfully present alternatives from the social conservative/ traditionalist perspective.

Jason Maciejewski (D)
The most significant problem facing the county is a projected $4.8 to $7.5 million budget deficit in FY 2021 and a $6.7 to $9.7 million budget deficit in FY 2022 due to the impacts of COVID-19. This amount could be further increased if the state continues to underfund state-mandated Community Mental Health services. I will prioritize preserving front-line services delivered to residents in public health, community mental health and permitting/licensing. The county needs to evaluate in total the office space it utilizes and reduce square footage to realize cost savings. Possible efficiencies and savings from remote/field based work should also be evaluated. All county departments and offices will need to evaluate operational practices.



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