Jacoby: Grab your phone and let’s take a look at this Dexter offensive juggernaut

Quick, grab a calculator. Yes, you are going to need one. There is one on your phone!

Punch these numbers in: 49 + 54 + 63 + 57 + 64 + 41.

Hit total: 328.

And even though you know where this road is headed it doesn’t make it any less impressive once we reach the finish line – which right now is Mile Marker 328. The Dexter Dreadnaughts have scored 328 points in their last six games – all victories and enough to already clinch a playoff spot in 2019.

What’s equally as impressive as the total is the consistency. Since the Chelsea loss, Dexter has averaged 54.6 points per game with 41 the lowest and 64 the highest. This isn’t a high average because they ran up the score on a couple of teams – it’s high because they have scored a ton of points in all six games.

And numbers don’t lie and you can’t spin them. If you want to bring up the strength (or weakness) of the opponents, we will counter with the fact that the starting unit rarely is on the field at the end of the game. Put a better opponent on the field and the Dexter starting lineup might just have to stay out there a few more minutes to hit their 54.6 average.

Let’s do some comparisons. Grab that Excel spreadsheet. There is one on your phone!

Speaking of Chelsea – someone mentioned Chelsea, didn’t’ they – the Bulldogs have also won its last six since opening with the win in Dexter. The Bulldogs have scored 205 points in their six wins. Saline has won its last six with a total of 278 points – impressive, but not Dexter impressive.

While it’s not fair to hit the backspace, it does help put things in perspective on how explosive this 2019 Dexter team is on the offensive side of the ball. In 2012, Dexter scored a total of 57 points in nine games – this current team has scored 57 or more points three times in ONE game. In 2016, the Dexter football team scored 76 points the entire season.

And so we aren’t just picking on Dexter teams that struggled … in 2005, when Dexter went 5-4 on the season, the Dreads scored 271 points in nine games. In 2010, when they again went 5-4, the Dreads scored 197 points in nine games.


But this offense goes beyond the numbers. It’s more of a feeling, a sense that when they step on the field they are going to score. And when they actually have to punt it’s more of a shock than anything else. It’s a good thing when your kicker kicks twice as many extra points as punts.

This Dexter team expects to score – every time they step on the field. That comes from being extremely well prepared, have an exceptional game plan, playing with great confidence and having multiple weapons than can go off in an instant.

It can be getting the ball to Antwan Ficklen and watching him use his quickness to turn tacklers into ghosts. It can be a pitch to Evan Krolewski, whose amazing burst of speed leaves defenders reaching for air. It can be quarterback Colin Parachek using his legs to buy a little more time before firing a perfect ball to Rhett Jacobs over the middle or Brennan Parachek standing a yard past the first-down marker.

Speaking of Ficklen – this made me laugh the other night while standing in the rain in Pinckney. I was thinking that Ficklen really should be getting more touches and how they could better utilize him by putting him at times in the backfield, running sweeps with him and quick screens just to get him the football more often – because he’s that good.

Then I pictured myself suggesting this to Coach Jacobs and wondering what his response would be. It might be: “What, 54 points per game isn’t good enough for you.”

The fact that Dexter spreads the ball around is another reason why it’s been so successful. They push the tempo and force defenses to hurry into position. They will throw the ball on any down and in any situation. They are unpredictable with highly skilled players all over the field. And they have an offensive line that gives everyone time to do their thing.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch. It’s historic. And it’s special.

This might be a feeling. Or a sense. But this team has a lot more football to play this year. And a lot more chances to add to those already incredible numbers.

So soak it all in Dexter. Enjoy the ride. Even take some pictures with your camera. There is one on your phone!

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