Melanie’s Minutes Part 2: Dexter Board of Education Meeting Summary – Sept. 16

This is Part 2 of Melanie’s Minutes – a report from the Sept. 16th Dexter Board of Education meeting.

Action Items & Bond Update

Following the unanimous approval of the June 2019 budget report, the Board moved on to action items beginning with the acceptance of the Board Norms discussed at both the Aug. 20 board workshop and the Aug. 26 board meeting.  All board suggestions have been incorporated and the board voted 4 to 1 to adopt the norms, board member Barbara Read voting against saying she had been advised not to sign.

A vote on the MASB (Michigan Association of School Boards)-suggested social media guidelines was next, with Secretary Mara Greatorex expressing hesitation in passing a second set of guidelines without all seven board members present.  Trustee Read stated she would also not approve this document, as she feels the guidelines are “not in good faith.”

In light of the other actions the Board is taking against her, Read said she has been advised not to sign the guidelines.  The board decided that voting on these guidelines would be postponed until the next meeting on Oct. 14.

In response to Trustee Read requesting attendance at several MASB workshops and conferences, a motion was made that the Board would no longer financially support Trustee Read representing the Board at MASB events.  Read asked for clarification as to the Board’s requirements for her return to “good graces” with the Board, stating that she can’t improve if she is unable to attend training and workshops. Board member Dick Lundy replied that Read is able to attend these events, but that the District will no longer pay her attendance fees. Trustee Daryl Kipke stated that, “considering the current state of affairs, I have no confidence that you will use District resources to the benefit of the District.”

Kipke ended the discussion saying Read’s request for clarification would be addressed in future by the full board.  He then called for the vote which passed 4-1, with Read against.

The final action item of the evening was to set a hearing date for a grievance filed against Trustee Read by the Dexter Administrative Association, represented at the meeting by Anchor Principal Craig McCalla.  The hearing date was set for Monday, Oct. 14 at 5 p.m.

Supt. Chris Timmis updated the Board on the construction bond progress, sharing that the dedication of the Louis Ceriani Building will be held on Friday, Oct. 25.  The Mill Creek orchestra and band rooms are mostly complete and in use, but cabinets still need to be ordered for the orchestra room.  Work is progressing on the high school locker rooms, although stall walls are on back-order.  The carpet for the high school has arrived, and now is a matter of scheduling installation while school is in session.  This phase of the bond is winding down and should be completed by December.


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