Former IT Director Tungl Still Owes District 98 percent of Court-Ordered Restitution

At Monday evening’s Dexter Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Chris Timmis informed board members that the district needs community assistance in the ongoing Brian Tungl legal situation.  In 2016, Tungl, the former IT Director for Dexter Schools, pleaded no contest to a felony charge of embezzling more than $50,000 worth of equipment from the district.  The Washtenaw County Trial Court ordered Tungl to repay the school $309,123 in restitution, of which only $6,719 has been paid as of June 24, 2019.

Tungl’s probation expires in nine months and to date has repaid only 2% of what is owed to the district.  He is currently paying the school $150 per month, but has paid as little as $50 a month in the past.  Tungl continues to pay discretionary personal expenses; cell phone and cable bills, even requesting permission to leave the state for vacation (which was granted).  District administrators are concerned because once Tungl’s probation is over, regardless of the balance still owed, Tungl will no longer be responsible for repayment.

Timmis suggested that letters from the community to the court on the district’s behalf would be helpful. Dexter CFO, Sharon Raschke, agreed, stating that a large quantity of victim impact letters would make a difference to an elected judge accountable to the voting public.  Raschke continued, “since Tungl’s sentencing, there has never been an opportunity during restitution hearings for the district to stand up and advocate for the money owed.”

It is worth noting that the district’s losses were significantly higher than the amount of restitution Tungl was ordered to pay.

Board member Julie Schumaker suggested the Board of Education write a letter to the court on behalf of the district, and asked individual board members to also write letters.

Tungl initially was sentenced to six months in prison and two years on probation, plus 500 hours of community service and restitution.  That sentence was changed to six months of home arrest with a tether instead of prison, at Tungl’s request.

For those interested in writing to the court, letters can be directed to Judge Swartz noting People v. Brian Tungl.  Reasonable requests to the court might be that Tungl repay the balance of his debt before release from probation, or serve his full prison sentence.

Letters can be emailed to:
Lisa H. Kuebler, Judicial Coordinator to the Hon. David S. Swartz

or mailed to:
Lisa H. Kuebler, Judicial Coordinator to the Hon. David S. Swartz
Washtenaw County Courthouse, Court #3
101 E. Huron Street
P.O. Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI  48107-8645

A full transcript of the actions regarding Tungl’s criminal case (15-000642-FH) can be viewed at the Washtenaw County Trial Court website at

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