DUMC hosts free – and expanded – Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Don’t miss the second Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt, free and open to all children, preschool through fourth grade, at 6:30 p.m. on Good Friday, April 19 at the Dexter United Methodist Church, 7642 Huron River Drive, Dexter.

“Everyone is invited. Bring your neighbors. Invite your friends. We’re looking to provide a fun, safe event for kids,” says Denise Kasischke, pastor of Children & Family Ministries at DUMC.

The church is prepared to host up to 300 kids and their parents or guardians.

“We’re really looking forward to having this event in our new expanded space. Because of construction of that addition, we couldn’t do this last year,” Kasischke adds.

Prior to the hunt, children and parents will gather in the church sanctuary to hear the Easter story. And the children will be given a challenge to find different colors of eggs that help tell the Easter story.

Children will be dismissed by age groups (toddler & pre-school, grades kindergarten through 2nd, and grades 3-4) for to find glowing Easter Eggs hidden in the church, with varying degrees of age-dependent darkness and difficulty, according to Kasischke.

The event is “candy-light,” but after the hunt, will feature a popcorn bar, where children can create their own popcorn mix, with some candies available then. Children are asked to bring their own gathering baskets to the event.

“With the Glow in the Dark theme, our message is that Jesus is the light. When the children feel lonely or scared, Easter gives us the hope that Jesus is the light and we don’t have to be in darkness. He gives us light in dark places,” Kasischke says.

The children will turn in their eggs for gifts, including small stuffed animals, flashlights, glow in the dark bracelets.

“We’re happy with the prizes and think the children will really like them and want to keep them,” she adds.

Children & Family Ministries has been planning this event for several years.  They investigated purchasing Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs, but asked church members to donate eggs. Adult and youth volunteers helped prepare for the event. How the eggs will glow remains a secret!


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