Local honey – right here in Dexter – is the cure to your spring allergies

By Elaine Owsley

Spring is coming. No, really. It always comes.

And for many folks spring allergies arrive as soon as it begins to warm up.

Spring allergies are almost always caused by the renewed presence of pollen in the air – trees and grass give off pollen even before there are any flowers in bloom.

There is an old wives tale that ingesting LOCAL, UNPROCESSED or RAW honey will prevent or at least lessen those allergic responses.

Guess what? It’s true.

How this works:  Local honey, such as those pictured and especially as local as Lesser Farms from just out Island Lake Road, is, in its raw stage, infused with pollen the bees collected on their honey-making jobs right around Dexter and Ann Arbor.

It remains suspended in the honey and if you ingest – via putting it on your toast or waffles, in your tea, or just by a yummy spoonful a day- your body absorbs it and when the new pollen begins to fly through the air, right to your nose, your body says “Oh, I know what that is. I already have some, so no big deal.”

And no reaction.

Consider the difference in cost, the availability, and not the least of it, the good taste, and where could you find a better medicine?

Besides Lesser there are several other Michigan honey producers, one in Canton, and others, but none as LOCAL as Lessers.

I was a doubter, but how hard is it to experiment with honey, right?  The drug companies have probably been involved in keeping this secret.  But if you want to test it – begin soon.

You can get Lessers and the others pictured which are Michigan, raw or unprocessed honey, at the Dexter Mill.  Maybe some other places as well, but that’s as local as I can find.

If you start preparing your body now, you will be ready for spring.  That’s the season that comes after winter – whenever it arrives.


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