Inside the Batter’s Box: A look at former HS players now playing baseball in college

Here are some of the Dexter and Ann Arbor HS baseball players now playing on college teams in 2019. Stats through March 12. Compiled by Jim Mulchay

 (Mike Penn head coach)

Micah Berlage (Dexter) – Calvin College

Luke Bottomley (Dexter) – Albion College – 5 games, 3ab, ba.333

Mackenzie Martin (Dexter) – Kellogg CC – 1 game, 1.1ip, 0-0

Cole Rize (Dexter) – Madonna University – 7 games, 7ab, ba.283

Zac Sharp (Dexter) – Northwood – 7 games, 4ip, 0-0-1sv, era/9.00

Drew Smith (Dexter) – Olivet College


Ann Arbor Huron (Dave Brooks head coach)

Ben Chosid (AA Huron) – Kalamazoo – 1 game, 1ab, ba.000

Brad Clegg (AA Huron) – Kenyon College – 3 games, 3ip, 1-0, era/3.00

Brandon Cooper (AA Huron) – Adrian College – 5 games, 14ab, ba.500

Matt Psychas (AA Huron) – Heidelberg – 9 games, 36ab, ba.389

Kyle Psychas (AA Huron) – Heidelberg – no reported ctivity


Ann Arbor Pioneer (Bob Sullivan head coach)

Nick Arrivo (Pioneer / IMG-FL) – Eckerd College – 20 games, 67ab, ba.343

Sean Kenney (Pioneer) – Georgia assistant coach

Alex Kinch (Pioneer) – Concordia assistant coach

John Kumec (Pioneer) – Kalamazoo – 1 game, 1ip, 0-0-1sv, era/0.00

Will Nimke (Pioneer) – Western Michigan assistant coach

Jordan Nwogu (Pioneer) – Michigan – 7 games, 29ab, ba.310


Ann Arbor Skyline (Frank Garcia head coach)

Matt Blunk (Skyline) – Lawrence Tech – 5 games, 16-2/3ip, 2-1, era/3.78

Darryn Davis (Skyline) – Toledo – 14 games, 50ab, ba.380

Sean Haddlesey (Skyline) – Albion College – 8 games, 29ab, ba.310

Eamon Horwedel (Skyline) – Ohio – 4 games, 10-1/3ip, 0-2

Blake Mial (Skyline) – Kalamazoo Valley CC



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