Creekside Students Spend a Week at EMU Exploring All Sorts of Cool Possibilities

Mill Creek students learn the ins and outs of photography art

Sixth grade students from Creekside spent four days last week at Eastern Michigan University’s Excursion Camp being introduced to a wide world of possibilities designed to peak their interest.

The camp has been made possible annually by Excellence For Dexter Students (E4DS), a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to help supplement the state government shortfall in funding educational programming.

At the camp, EMU faculty, staff and students were on hand to ignite imaginations and open up a variety of topics for intellectual and creative pursuits. The day camp was fun and relaxing giving students the freedom to explore their interests.

This year’s class list:

  • Aviation
  • Solution Seekers
  • Chemistry Basics
  • Cyber Security Initiatives
  • Photography and design
  • Gamer Society
  • Mask Making
  • Theatre: Improv Overload
  • Computer: Digital Inclusion
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Fitness and Nutition
  • Health/Nursing
  • Dance
  • Drones
  • Law Enforcement/Self Defense

The workshops were designed to be fun, entertaining, and engaging for the adolescent mind.

The Solutions Seekers class challenged students to exercise their critical thinking skills in solving daily exercises, case studies, and other challenges. They collaborated as teams and then compared their outcomes with one another.

The computer class emphasized Digital Inclusion where 6-grade students learned about computer hardware – how to test, troubleshoot, and install the components. They built their own desktop computer as a final project. So next time you’re having issues with your computer, look no  further than your sixth grader for help.

The Drones class employed all the components of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) by giving students working experience with robotics, drones, and neuroscience technologies. Students had the chance to try special interfaces that allowed them to control robots and video games using brainwaves.

The purpose of Excursion Camp is to provoke young imaginations into a world of possibilities which can help guide their decision making as they grow into their place in this world.

A BIG THANKS goes out to E4DS for making this possible year after year.

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