DUMC Hosts Workshop for Combining Faith and Career

By Nancy Clay, Dexter United Methodist Church

If you’re a Christian who is employed or who employs others, consider attending the February 22 full-day retreat “Work As Worship” presented live in Texas, but being livestreamed to nationwide host sites, including Dexter United Methodist Church, 7643 Huron River Drive, Dexter.

“We hosted this last year and it provided great information on how to equip Christians in the workplace. The speakers were phenomenal, and it opened my eyes to the idea that churches can help people deal with their real lives and that certainly includes work,” said Matt Hook, senior pastor at DUMC. It is organized by RightNow Media at Work.

The event helps answer the question: How can my faith impact my work? RightNow Media at Work aims to help people realize that there doesn’t have to be a divide between the sacred and secular parts of their lives.

Anyone in the area may attend the Dexter UMC livestream event from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and lunch will be provided. The cost of the event is $30 per person and people may use this link to register for the DUMC livestream retreat.

From the Work as Workship website: “Imagine spending a day, interacting, praying with, and encouraging fellow business professionals from your church and area. We have created an experience where you get to interact with the men and women who are leaders in your community. We will provide content rich with biblical teaching and practical real-life stories from seasoned Christian speakers.”

The 2019 “Work As Worship” event features a panel of nine speakers including Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby; Francis Chan, church planter and author; Megan Alexander, correspondent at Inside Edition; and John Acuff, author.

Other speakers will be Jeffrey Wright, CEO of UMI (Urban Ministries Inc.); Andrew Wexler, CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment; Helen Mitchell, director for Faith, Work & Economics at Biola University; Chris Patton, CEO of His Way At Work & Partner; and Liz Bohannon, Founder and CEO of Sseko Designs, a fashion company that trains, employs and educates women and their children in Uganda.

“Work As Worship” also will be livestreamed at 2/42 Community Churches in Brighton and Ypsilanti.

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