Michigan’s “Coldpocalypse” in Pictures

It’s a term that literally sends shivers up and down our collective spines – Polar Vortex.

During last week’s deep freeze we saw records temperatures, schools shut down for days, businesses closed, natural gas rationing, and how well our windows were actually winterized. In addition to discomfort and even hardship, the extreme weather created some extreme conditions which were caught on camera and shared.

On the social media/news/blog website Reddit, “Redditors” following the subReddit, rMichigan, shared some of their photos of the remarkable weather. From the gorgeous to the humorous to the ominous, here are a few glimpses of the recent “coldpocalypse” from around our state.

Tahquamenon Falls 1/26/2019. A different view then the one we always get. from Michigan

Downtown Grand Rapids after 24 Inches of Snow Fell from Michigan

It’s COLD in Michigan!-(Devon Haines, photographer) from Michigan

Anyone else getting the insanely vibrant sunsets like we are in GR? from Michigan

Sometimes winter has its upsides. Taken this past weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan. from Michigan

Windows in my apartment are pretty awful… from Michigan

Chilly day on lake St Clair from Michigan

Winter wonderland from Michigan

Hi-Res Satellite Image of Michigan and Great Lakes today from Michigan

Grand Rapids Sun Dog from Michigan

ice dunes on lake superior from Michigan

Some pretty bad visibility in West Michigan this afternoon… from Michigan

The End is Nigh from Michigan

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