Grandview Commons Open House Sun. Dec. 9; All Are Welcome!

Grandview Commons is having an Open House tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018 for anyone who may be curious about what has been going on at the corner of Baker Rd and Grand St.

For those of us who have been around Dexter a few years, Grandview Commons is the development of the old Pilot Plastics and Sweepster factory site into residential condominiums. Repurposing the land is the ongoing effort of the City, begun years ago, to move industry out of the downtown vicinity.

I recently had the privilege of a sneek preview to this weekend’s open house. Reinhardt realtor Jessica Singer was my tour guide.

“It is a 3-phase project,” she explained. “There are 36 units being built in Phase 1 with a total of 76 condos built at the end of Phase 3 in a couple of years.”

Grandview Commons is being developed by AR Brouwer with aesthetics in mind. The condos are positioned to overlook the scenic Mill Creek wetland area. The latest sound technology has been implemented to give residents a sense of privacy and seclusion. “You have neighbors, but you will never hear them,” Jessica says.

Interest in the project has been high. At Dexter Daze this past August, Grandview Commons had a booth for curious folks to find out a little more about what was going on at the old industrial site.

“There was a lot of interest,” Jessica says. “Folks had a lot of questions about what was happening. Some thought businesses were shut down and people were losing their jobs, but none of that was happening at all. The two factories moved operations years ago and the site was largely abandoned, used for storage.”

The development is a boon for Dexter with the property going from an industrial tax rate to a 76-unit residential tax rate. Another significant benefit was when the site was being cleared; it was found that the ground contained industrial contamination. It was an unexpected cost and created some delay, but in the end it was removed and residents, watershed, and wetland preserved.

Prices for the condos begin around $280K and can go up to $600K depending on floor plan and customizations chosen.

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