BOE Student Update 11-12-18

The Board of Education has one agenda item that everyone looks forward to at each meeting and that is the Student Representatives’ report.

Dexter Community Schools have had student representatives to the BOE since the 2003-4 school year. Students interested in representing their school to the Board can apply at the beginning of their junior year. After candidates are interviewed by school administration, representatives are selected.

Their role is to be a voice for the students to the Board of Education.  They relay what is happening from a student perspective, add insights during discussions, and serve as a representative for the student body.

Student Representatives to the Board for the 2018-19 school year are Senior Hollie Pastorino and Junior Chad Robards. They gave their report to the Board.

Hollie Pastorino’s update included:

Monday began the “Season of Sharing” at Dexter High School. It involves National Honors Society (NHS) members handing out flyers to shoppers as they enter Busch’s informing them of the opportunity to purchase a Thanksgiving kit that will provide some folks in need a Thanksgiving meal.

The Michigan State Police initiative “Strive for a Better Drive” has begun. The program is aimed at reducing serious traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities among Michigan’s most inexperienced drivers – teens. Last week a sign-up pledge was available in the high school cafeteria aimed at getting a commitment from students to not text and drive, and to generally drive safely.

Upcoming plans also include the use of impairment goggles (“drunk and high” goggles) which simulate the effects of impairment. During a school assembly, students will ride special bikes around the gym while wearing the goggles so the students can see the effects of impairment. Not only will it be instructional, but as Hollie added, “It is going to be fun to watch.”

There will also be a lunch with a MSP officer present to meet and chat with students. He’ll talk about staying off your phone while driving and not driving while intoxicated. Lunch will be provided in the form of free pizza.

Creekside hosted a mother and son superhero event where the two could dress up like their favorite superhero and play some games and enjoy good food. The event was sponsored by NHS and Mill Creek’s Community Service & Leadership Group (CS&L). To balance things out, there will be an upcoming daddy/daughter dance sponsored by CS&L.

“At Cornerstone kids are working on being word detectives in their books and they are basically underlining words that they don’t know and going back and figuring out what are adjectives and what are nouns”, Hollie told the Board. “They also had a mock election last week on the 6th for voting day where they got to vote on their favorite books in the library, which is a lot of fun. Also on Election Day last week, a lot of second graders learned about the Women’s Suffrage Movement where they learned a lot about voting and exercising your right to vote.”

At Bates Elementary, some second-graders are exercising practical science by designing a bird feeder that keeps out squirrels. In the process, they are learning a little bit about physics too.

Highlights from Chad Robards report included:

The High School water polo team took fifth overall in State Competition. It’s a big accomplishment and congratulations go out to them. They worked hard for it.

The High School also recently held their annual Powderpuff Flag Football Game which pits the senior girls against the junior girls. “That game was a blast,” Chad said. “I was a cheerleader.”

The Cross Country Team placed third in D1 State Finals with Nathan Larsen and Owen Huard being our All-State D1 runners. In addition, our swim team is heading to States soon and we wish them well.

Parent/Teacher conferences were held a few days ago and students enjoyed the half-days off.

In Mill Creek, SRSLY began their anti-drug contest where students can submit posters featuring factors that can keep them out of trouble with drugs. SRSLY chooses winning posters and the artists receive an award.

“At Wylie, one thing I thought was pretty interesting was they’re using ukuleles in music class,” Chad told the Board. “They’re learning how to play different songs with ukuleles which is really interesting. I never did those types of things when I was back in the music classes. It was much simpler then.”

Chad ended his report by telling the Board that Superintendent Timmis recently paid a visit to Wylie and talk to the students as to why the trees had been cut down for the new athletic fields.




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