Candidate Profile: Rep. Donna Lasinski

From the office of Rep. Donna Lasinski:

I’m Donna Lasinski, State Representative for Michigan’s 52nd House District. It has been a privilege to represent the Dexter community in Lansing for the past 22 months. I am proud to be running for re-election to continue serving our community and to stand on my record as a fighter for clean water, safe roads, and strong public schools.

We’ve seen the cost to our communities when corporate polluters go unchecked – from the dioxane plume, to hazardous arsenic levels, to PFAS contamination making the fish in our local lakes and the Huron River unsafe to eat.

When I was elected, my first priority was to ensure clean, safe drinking water for my family and neighbors. That’s why I took action to strengthen clean-up standards for dioxane, from 85 parts per billion to 7.2 and co-sponsored legislation over 300 days ago to set a safe PFAS standard for drinking water once and for all.

Michigan drivers know that in order to fix our roads and infrastructure for the long haul, we need real budget solutions. I was proud to vote for an additional $500 million in funding for the next 15 months without raising taxes.

We also know that we pay far too much for car insurance due to a lack of transparency and discriminatory pricing factors within our state’s auto no-fault system. Along with two other Democrats and three Republicans, I put together the Fair and Affordable No-Fault reform package to give all Michigan drivers a fair deal on car insurance by lowering rates without compromising the quality of coverage.

I began my career as an education advocate and entrepreneur, launching my own education company to help bridge the achievement gap. Serving as an elected school board treasurer, I negotiated how public dollars would be spent in our classroom resources and for student development.

We cannot continue to take public dollars away from our traditional brick and mortar schools while we prop up for-profit cyber charter schools that have failed to be fiscally transparent and to meet performance standards. I am proud to oppose these actions and will continue to be a strong voice for our public schools.

I am working to be re-elected on Tuesday November 6th for my second term as State Representative for Michigan’s 52nd House District to continue working on the issues that matter most to our community.

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