Busch’s Hiring Event This Friday: A Chance to Improve Your Employment

Today’s economic climate is a challenging time for employers and employees. Most employers are having a tough time getting all the employees they need. At first, this sounds like a good thing for workers. But on the other side of that payday coin, so many options to pick from can be confusing and challenging for folks looking for the best deal in finding work. Busch’s here in Dexter understand all this and wants to offer folks a great place to work.

Busch’s is looking to add to all positions from part-time to management. They feel they have a lot to offer and to get that word out they are conducting “Busch’s Hiring Event” at Dexter Busch’s this Friday, Oct. 26, from 10:00 am -5:00 pm. Those interested in learning more about working at Busch’s will be greeted, checked in, and given a tour of the facility. Conversations (casual interviews) will be conducted for those interested in pursuing a position.

Here in Dexter, we are very familiar with Busch’s community support. Their name is frequently on lists of program supporters. Bottles of Busch’s water are often at runs and other outdoor events such as Dexter Daze.

“Busch’s is embedded in every town they are located in,” says Ryan Mohney, Recruiting Coordinator for Busch’s. “Busch’s has donated thousands of dollars to groups and organizations both large and small.”

While we are familiar with Busch’s local support, their philanthropic efforts go much further. “Busch’s just recently raised enough donations from our communities and Dean’s Dairy farm to help give over 30,000 gallons of milk to families in need across South East Michigan,” says Ryan. “Busch’s has also donated over 1.5 million dollars for education in their communities as well.”

“Working as a member of the Busch’s Market family has given me such a sense of Community, just like each and every town that Busch’s is affiliated with,” Ryan continues. “Family, is a word not often used in the same sentence as work. I can honestly say that working for a family owned company for me, is like being a part of a family.”

Busch’s provides a competitive starting wage but also compensates for bringing experience into the position. Among the benefits are 401K, paid vacation, and a generous tuition reimbursement program. Students take note!

If you would like to hear more, stop by Busch’s this Friday for a chance to possibly improve your employment situation.

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