Meet Sue Shink

Sue Shink recently stepped onto the stump at Dexter Forum where she introduced herself to the group and explained why she is running for Washtenaw County Commissioner in District 2.

District 2 is Webster Township which includes The Cedars and Westridge neighborhood of Dexter. Also included are Northfield Township, Salem Township, Superior Township, Ann Arbor Township, and a sliver of Ann Arbor between the Huron River and M-14.

Meet Sue Shink:

dexter forum
The Forum’s “stump” is a 3/4″ slab of plywood with a stump painted onto it. In a nod to yesteryear, political candidates are invited to present their case to the group while literally standing on the “stump.”

“I’m Sue Shink. I’m running for Washtenaw County Commissioner in District 2. I’m a Democrat. I believe strongly in investing in our community. I am a lawyer and I have a degree in Resource Policy and Analysis.

“I’ve spent many years in this community raising my children growing their own milk, meat, eggs, and fruit. We have been involved in the community particularly around land preservation Issues.

“I chair ALPAC which is the Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Committee. The county passed a millage to invest in our open space, our farmland, and our farmers. I’ve been involved with that since the beginning. I’ve also served as Northfield Township Trustee where we balanced a deficit into a surplus without cutting services and a lot of other good stuff too.

“I have sat on the Huron River Watershed Council and worked with Paul Cousins in making our community cleaner and more fun. Paul has been a big inspiration to me in the way that he looks at the community and thinks ‘What can I do to make my community better today and every day?’

“I have served on my township historical society. Our family has moved and restored a building from 1831. I think it’s important for us to hold on to our roots. Preserving our historical buildings is one of the ways that we can do that. I believe in a voice for all the residents from both rural and urban areas.

“There are a lot of kids who are living in Washtenaw County who are falling through the cracks, some pretty big cracks. I’m going to work really hard to invest in those people so they can succeed. I’m going to work for county services to benefit our district. I’ve been meeting with residents, going to their doors talking to them. I’ve been meeting with county officials across the spectrum. I’ve been meeting with community leaders to find out ‘What does our community need? What does our community want? What and how can I be of help?’

“I’m coming to this with a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm reaching out to people, and I will work very hard for you. The position of county commissioner is not just a seat it’s a job. I’ve been working hard, and I will work even harder as a county commissioner.

“I hope that you will support me on November 6th. I have a website And if you want to give me a call I would be happy to sit down and talk to you. Serving the community is why I’m running. That’s why I’m here. Thank you very much.”

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