Redline Athletics Training Youth to Be Quicker, Stronger, and Safer

Redline Athletics is Dexter’s new athletic center that specializes in training youth to play their sport safely with more speed, agility, and strength.

Wife and husband team, Patti and Andy Darland, were drawn to the idea of a business that is specifically designed to help youth become better athletes. “Growing up, I would sometimes have to go to an adult gym to work out,” says Patti. “That’s hard to do when you’re 12-years-old.”

They opened Redline Athletics in the Dexter Crossing Plaza this past summer giving kids a place to work out with their peers instead of trying to fit into an adult environment.  Instructors lead the workouts designed to improve skills common to any sport – agility, speed, and strength.  “At this age it is critical to have someone monitoring and coaching the kids’ movements because they are growing and changing so fast at this age,” says Patti.

Patti is a licensed physical therapist trained at the Mayo Clinic for PT emphasizing orthopedic rehabilitation.  Patti herself was a teen athlete who ended up tearing her ACL in her senior year of high school.  This introduced her to physical therapy which fascinated her.

“I played soccer at Ball State,” Patti says, “This got me into a higher level of strength and condition.  As a physical therapist, I wanted to focus and even specialize in athletics.”

Patti and Andy began looking at business opportunities that could meet that desire.  Preferring the support of a franchise model, the duo chose Redline Athletics based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  A relatively new company, there are currently 19 Redline Athletics in the U.S. with 2 in Michigan.  The company is growing fast however with plans in the works for 10 more locations in Michigan alone.

Redline incorporates Fusionetics, a software diagnostic which integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions in order to decrease injury, optimize performance, and enhance recovery. 

Patti explains, “I think this is really important in this day in age when kids are getting very specialized in their sports, and injuries are becoming more common.  This gives us the ability to prevent or mitigate injury as much as we can.”

Memberships vary in design and cost.  Kids can sign up to drop in at their convenience for a monitored workout or sign up with team members to work out as a group.  It’s designed to work around the lifestyle and interests of the entire family.

At a time when 47% of children and teens in the U.S. do not exercise regularly and 3 out of 10 are overweight or obese, Redline Athletics offers a way for kids to build athleticism in an environment designed just for them.

You can learn more about Redline Athletics at

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