E4DS Invites You to View the Exclusive Lingenfelter Car Collection

Excellence for Dexter Students (E4DS) invites you to come and check out over 150 muscle/ exotic sports cars at The Lingenfelter Collection this Saturday in Brighton from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The collection of rare cars is normally closed to the public but they are opening their doors to everyone for a few hours.  Admission is free with a suggested donation to E4DS for their continued support of Dexter students.

From http://www.thelingenfeltercollection.com/

“Born the son of a General Motors executive, Ken Lingenfelter grew up with a lust and appreciation for stylish, high-performance automobiles. Finding success in the real estate settlement industry, Ken bought his first Corvette in 1977. Additional cars were acquired, as his passion for performance cars grew. Having sold his company, he has dedicated himself to assembling a collection of significant muscle cars, Corvettes, and exotic European cars from around the world.

“In 2008, his passion for speed and excellence led him to purchase the assets of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, a company founded by his distant cousin John Lingenfelter. Many of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering products have been instrumental in establishing performance thresholds. The talented team at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, as well as The Lingenfelter Collection, will continue to enhance the passion and create excitement among hot-rodders, racers and exotic car enthusiasts that reach far beyond their imagination.”

Excellence 4 Dexter Students supports excellent education for Dexter students by raising money given direct to the Board of Education.  Generous E4DS donors have sent all 6th graders to EMU for 4 days of STEAM classes taught by EMU professors for a college experience.  Donors also help fund science programming with Science Consultant Cheryl Wells working with grades 3 – 6.

Location: The Lingenfelter Collection, 7819 Lochlin Drive, Brighton, Michigan 48116


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