Dexter Community Fund Assesses Community Needs for Future Grants

The Dexter Community Fund (DCF) held a forum on August 18, 2018 to identify and prioritize community needs.

The forum, comprised of 30 community members with a broad spectrum of backgrounds, included elected officials, local churches, school district, sheriff’s dept., local nonprofits, and DCF Advisory Committee and donors.  The purpose of the forum was to prioritize community needs which would help direct DCF grants in the next 3-5 years which could be useful to local leaders as they develop programs and strategies to address these needs.

Each need identified on the list will require collaboration with government agencies and other organizations.  The purpose of list is to provide impetus for community conversation and planning.

The following list of priorities was derived after much discussion and several rounds of voting:

  1. Long-term funding for senior center.
  2. Mental health services for youth & adults.
  3. Affordable housing.
  4. Viable location for Faith in Action.
  5. Vocational-technical programming.
  6. Improved traffic flow through downtown Dexter.
  7. Support for homebound seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  8. Completion of the Border to Border Trail and the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative.
  9. Teen center.
  10. Access to the Huron River.
  11. Non-motorized and public transportation.
  12. Funding for Gordon Hall.
  13. Parking for Border to Border Trail.

The Dexter Community Fund is a source of community capital that invests in a broad spectrum of initiatives that enrich community life in Dexter.  DCF is comprised of a group of community members who have a vision to continue and grow the vibrancy of Dexter.

If you would like to contribute, or want more information, you can do so via their website.

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