Dexter XC Boys Are On Fire!

Submitted by contributing writer Barbara Read:

The Dexter’s Mens Cross Country team was good last year, but this year they are on fire! The top six varsity runners in Thursday’s SEC race all ran faster than Dexter’s fastest runner at last year’s SEC 1. This speaks well of the young men, their dedication, and for their upcoming season. Excluding freshmen who always have a PR in their first season, 26 of the 43 athletes in grades 10-12 have already recorded personal best times after only two races in the 2018 season.

Coach Drew Collette says of the team, “I am proud of the kids for their work this summer leading to early success, and there is much more to come this season from this team. The kids have set both personal and team goals that are lofty, but within reach. This will be one of Dexter’s best teams historically.”

Drilling down, thirteen of the fourteen juniors and seniors dropped time from last year at SEC 1. The average drop in time across the upperclassmen is an astonishing 42 seconds. Of particular note are senior Nick McKenzie (cut 1:10 off his 2017 time), Owen Huard (-1:17), and Seth Read (-1:18). Team leader Nathan Larson dropped to 16:08 which puts his as the 12th fastest junior to run for Dexter, and in the top 25 all-time Dexter runners of any grade according to When Larson drops another two seconds, he will be in the top 20 Dexter mens team record holders.

Remarkable underclassman performances came from sophomore Sam Melvin who carved two minutes off last year’s SEC performance to score for the team. Nathan Gariepy improved by 3:11 and Chase Lutz by 4:27. Freshman Adam Hauser distinguished himself by racing nearly a minute faster this week and running under 19 minutes (18:19).

The next race will be the 51st Annual Holly / Duane Raffin Festival of Races at Springfield Oaks Park, a rather hilly and exciting course. They will run at 1:40pm on September 15th, just in time to finish, travel home, kick up their feet, and watch the Michigan game.

SEC #1 @ Willow Metropark Complete Results, SR=season best time / PR=all HS best time

Mens Varsity

Nathan Larson            16:08.3 PR

Owen Huard               16:33.1 PR

Lucas Betzoldt            16:41.4 SR

Nick McKenzie           16:46.3 PR

Sam Melvin                 16:55.1 PR

Seth Read                   16:57.1 PR

Noah Hayter               17:19.6 PR

Liam Buller                  17:42.2

Ransom Duncan         17:55.9 SR

Rishabh Kothari          17:57.2


Mens Reserve

Finnegan Bell              17:49.0 PR

Conor Kolka                17:57.2 SR

Joseph Wagner           18:13.6 PR

Adam Hauser              18:19.4 PR

Seth Ockerman          18:36.8 SR

Nathan McConnell      18:55.4 PR

Wilson Kasischke        19:09.2 SR

John Harm                  19:20.4 SR

Nathan Gariepy          19:28.5 PR

Noah Cobb                  20:13.4

Michael Tyler              20:16.0 PR

Josh Lamb                  20:23.0 PR

Zachary Sawin            20:25.8 PR

Jonathan Adamczyk   20:29.6 PR

Cameron O’Day         20:40.4 PR

Thomas DesRosiers   21:34.2 PR

Luke Petrinko              21:40.9 PR

Chase Lutz                  21:56.8

Holden Hughes           21:59.5 PR

Trevor Aeschliman     22:19.3 SR

Griffin Bentley             22:45.0 PR

Will Collin                    22:48.8

Josh Aker                    23:24.9 PR

Andy Jordan               23:31.5

Evan Bursch               23:55.8 PR

Austin Zeglis                24:57.8 SR

Noah Schultz              25:06.5

Samuel Fitzpatrick      25:39.3

Gabriel Fitzpatrick       25:43.6 PR

Andrew Petik              25:57.0 PR

Thomas Bauer            27:25.2 PR

Brendan Balas            29:17.2

Quentin Hurdle            29:42.8 PR

Photos courtesy of Barbara Read

Nathan Larson
Lucas Betzoldt
Owen Huard
Sam Melvin
Liam Buller

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