Dexter Community Fund: Enriching the Quality of Life in Dexter

The Dexter Community Fund (DCF) is a source of community capital that invests in a broad spectrum of initiatives that enrich community life in Dexter.

DCF is comprised of a group of community members who have a vision to continue and grow the vibrancy of Dexter.  This is their story:

Why We Love Dexter

Dexter is a special place. Those of us who are fortunate to call the Dexter area home are deeply committed to our community. Dexter has a small town charm with local businesses and families who have deep roots here. It is also a vibrant community with a thriving downtown, and residents share an appreciation for the arts and nature. With the Huron River meandering through town, many local parks, and the Border-to-Border Trail, Dexter residents have many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Dexter Community Schools rank among the best in the State and are known for outstanding academics, music, sports, and extracurricular programs. From young families to seniors, the Dexter area is a wonderful place to call home.

A Strong Sense of Community

There is a strong sense of community here. Traditions and celebrations such as the Memorial Day Parade, Dexter Daze, summer concerts at the gazebo, July 4th fireworks at Hudson Mills, Apple Daze, Webster Fall Festival, and the Holiday Hustle bring us together to enjoy and celebrate with friends and neighbors.

Dexter is a caring community where neighbors pitch in to help one another in times of need. Memories of the 2012 tornado bring to mind the out-pouring of community support. Neighbors helping neighbors to clean up, providing food, planting trees, and providing monetary donations to help those in need.

Community Projects Promise to Keep Dexter Vibrant

With a deep appreciation for our past, Dexter also looks to the future. Efforts underway to refurbish Gordon Hall will ensure that this local landmark is preserved for future generations. The newly completed Mill Creek Boardwalk and Border-to-Border trail enhance recreational opportu­nities for all to enjoy the scenic beauty of our community. New fitness facility options will help to keep our community healthy. Additionally, with numerous restaurants down­town, new event spaces, the Encore Theater, and new businesses joining the existing strong core, our community is committed to investing locally.

As Dexter grows, we want to maintain the qualities that make our community a special place to live and work, while providing a means to invest in future opportunities to make Dexter even stronger and more vibrant.

Investing in Dexter

A group of passionate Dexter community members recently established a new permanent endowment fund at the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to benefit the residents and community of Dexter.

The Dexter Community Fund (DCF) is a source of community capital that will be available to support and invest in a wide range of initiatives, projects and organizations that enrich the quality of life in Dexter. As the Dexter Community Fund grows, it will support projects and non-profit organizations across a number of areas: arts and culture, education, the environment, youth, senior services, health and wellness, human services, and/or community improvement.

The Power of a Community Endowment

Two local examples offer a promising model for Dexter. Fifty years ago, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) was founded on the idea that, by building a permanent endowment for the local community, more could be accomplished together than individuals could accomplish on their own.

Today, AAACF manages over $75 million in assets, and has improved thousands of lives through $35 million in grants and scholarships.

Since 2001, the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (an affiliate fund of AAACF) has been building a permanent endowment for the Ypsilanti area. In fif­teen years, over $2.7 million in gifts and nearly $1.2 million in grants have supported a number of community projects and programs in Ypsilanti from rebuilding Rutherford Pool to expanded programming at the Riverside Arts Center.

Like the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund, the Dexter Community Fund has the potential to make a very real difference in our community’s well-being. All gifts to the Fund will benefit the Dexter community. As a permanent endowment, it will provide the capacity and flexibility to invest in innovative ideas and initiatives that will strengthen our community – today and for future generations.

The Dexter Community Fund offers an opportunity to support the community we love. We hope you will join us.

If you would like to contribute, or want more information, you can through their website.

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