Dextech: Dexter’s Largest Employer Continues to Grow, Creating Jobs

Tucked away in the back corner of Dexter’s industrial park on Bishop Circle is Dexter’s largest employer, Dextech.

With over 300 employees and around 500,000-square-feet of work space, Dextech has quietly gone about the business of supplying the automotive industry with engine fasteners, bolts, and washer assemblies since 1989.

Dexter Fastener Technologies, Inc. (Dextech) is an international company with affiliates in Asia and Mexico.  The Dexter company’s success has been the envy of the business world. Their annual sales have grown from $60 million in 2009 to almost $160 million in 2017.  The ripple effect of that success has been a boon to our area.dextech

And with success, comes the need to fill more positions.  Dextech is hiring.  Check this out:

Dextech is looking for several machine operators.  Hourly wages range from $13 to $29 based on prior experience.  Incentive raises begin after 6 months of employment and continue every 90 days after until the wage ceiling for the department is achieved.  Average hourly wage ceilings between departments range from $25 to $29.

Doing the math: $25/hr x 40 hrs/week = $1,000/week.

Other incentives and benefits are available.

You can learn more about Dextech from their website at

Questions can be emailed to or beat the rush and apply in person.

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