The Latest Update From Rep. Donna Lasinski

In a recent letter to her constituents which includes Dexter, Rep. Donna Lasinski states,

“The state legislature in Lansing has wrapped up the spring legislative season with the approval of the 2018-2019 budget. As your state representative, I have kept the priorities of Scio Township front of mind as I worked on legislation and took my votes on the house floor.

“Hearing your priorities at coffee hours and in your emails, I voted to support $175 million in supplemental road funding for this summer and an additional $312 million for 2018-2019.  Both of these appropriations were achieved without raising taxes. These monies are distributed through the counties and townships according to a state formula that has been in place for over 50 years. Scio Township will have some additional funds to address the critical needs we see across our township. Realistically, it will not be enough funding to make all of the necessary repairs. Road funding will continue to be a key priority on my “to-do” list for us.

“With a request from local government and a letter of support from my office, Scio Township is receiving $300,000 from the Natural Resource Trust Fund for the Zeeb Road Iron Belle Connector Development project. Economic growth and quality of life are more and more intertwined with access to nature and bike-able communities for us. I am proud of the coordinated efforts we are making across Scio Township.

“Our initiative has also led to a reduction in the dioxane clean-up rule from 85 ppb to 7.2 ppb.  This will meaningfully impact the clean-up efforts and containment of the dioxane plume as we work to remediate the harmful effects of corporate polluters in our community.

“Throughout the summer I will be hosting coffee hours and town halls as we work together to set our legislative priorities for the fall.  Please contact me at (517) 373- 0828 or if I can ever be of assistance to you.”

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