3 Tips to Help Keep Up Your Summer Fitness Goals

You can maintain the fitness goals you’ve achieved during the summer or continue to strive towards goals still in progress. Here are three tips to help set your mind on end-of-summer success.

Match your exercise to your goal – Not all exercises are created equal. Different exercises have different effects on the body. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or increase flexibility, match the most effective type of exercise with the goal you wish to achieve.

Think outside the box – Consider trying new exercises to see fitness success. A variety of exercise can challenge you and instill new progress. Trying something other than your typical fitness routine could also give you sense of motivation by introducing you to a new form of exercise you may enjoy.

Fight the fizzle – It’s easy to set fitness goals to look good for an upcoming event or at the beach in your new swimsuit. Without constant reminders to stay on top of working towards a healthier body, it is easy for fitness progress to fizzle out. Create long- and short-term goals to establish a healthy lifestyle.


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