Swimming: Club Wolverine Swims To First Place At NCSA Meet In Indianapolis

Club Wolverine spent the past week in Indianapolis at the National Club Swimming Association (NCSA) proving that Ann Arbor isn’t just one of the best areas for swimming, but THE best.

In an impressive showing against the elite swimming and diving club teams from all over the country Club Wolverine finished first overall in the women team rankings with 1,152.5 points. The men’s team splashed their way to a ninth-place finish overall with 332 points.

The two teams combined to win the overall championship, a first for Club Wolverine. The club placed ninth overall at last year’s meet.

Club Wolverine was only one of two club teams to place in the top 10 in both women and men (New Trier Aquatics was the other). Head Coach Gunnar Schmidt won NCSA Coach of the Year.

The women’s team was simply dominant. Academy Bullets Swim Club was a distant second with 891 points. Club Wolverine’s Casey Chung (Skyline HS) won Woman’s Performance of the Meet.

In the 200 meter medley relay, the women’s team of Chung, Jordyn Libler, Elizabeth Spears and Taylor Seaman touched first with a time of 1 minute, 56.26 seconds. It was a close finish with New Trier Aquatics (Illinois) in second in 1:56.29. Club Wolverine showed off its great depth as the team of Sophia Tuinman, Drue Thielking, Rhianna Hensler and Johanna Jorgenson touched fifth overall in 1:57.59.

In the 200 meter medley relay, the men’s team of Abraham Apfel, Matthew Lau, Kyle Tschannen and Matthew Segal touched 11th overall in 1:47.36. The team of Jared Ehrman, Michael Macgillivray, Niklas Eberly and Nicholas Tran was 17th in 1:47.59.

Annette Dombkowski was ninth in the 800 freestyle with a time of 9:06.05. Teammate Hannah Jyawook was 13th (9:08.59), Kaylee Williams was 16th (9:10.38) and Georgia Mosher was 23rd(9:13.72).

Club Wolverine had two swimmers finish in the top six in the 100 freestyle with Taylor Seaman third (56.74) and Sydney Stricklin sixth (57.39). Johanna Jorgenson was ninth (57.75).

Sophia Tuinman was second in the 200 backstroke with a time of 2:14.01 with Casey Chung ninth in 2:18.10 and Elizabeth Spears 14th in 2:19.60.

In the men’s 200 backstroke, Abraham Apfel was seventh in 2:07.77.

Mia Keranen was 14th (28.72) and Rhianna Hensler was 16th (28.95) in the 50 butterfly.


In the men’s 50 butterfly, Club Wolverine’s Niklas Eberly tied for third with a time of 25.20.

Club Wolverine’s women’s 200 freestyle relay team of Taylor Seaman, Sydney Stricklin, Mia Keranen and Johanna Jorgenson touched fourth in 1:46.84. The team of Abigail Ketslakh, Lucy Mehraban, Rhianna Hensler and Casey Chung was 13th in 1:48.50.

In the men’s 200 free relay, the team of Niklas Eberly, Mathew Lau, Matthew Segal and David Cleason was 16th overall in 1:37.07.

Kaylee Williams was ninth in the 200 freestyle in 2:04.20. Elizabeth Spears was 15th (2:05.71), Taylor Seaman was 17th (2:05.32), Sydney Stricklin was 20th (2:06.22) and Hannah Jyawook was 22nd (2:06.61).

Jordyn Libler was seventh in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:12.49. Drue Thielking was 20thin 1:14.13 and Julianne Libler was 28th in 1:14.18.

Michael Macgillivray was 23rd in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:06.97.

In the women’s 200 butterfly, Club Wolverine’s Hannah Bellard was third in 2:15.70.

In the men’s 800 freestyle relay, the team of Nicholas Tran, Kyle Tschannen, Samuel Jyawook and David Cleason placed seventh in 7:45.25. The team of Matthew Segal, Niklas Eberly, Jared Ehrman and Jeremy Adams was 25th in 8:00.00.

In the women’s 400 IM, Elizabeth Spears was 15th in 5:00.56 and teammate Sophia Tuinman was 23rd in 5:05.83. Kaylee Williams was 27th (5:08.50) and Lindsey Witte was 28th (5:05.35).

In the women’s 50 breaststroke, Drue Thielking was 13th in 33.61 and Julianne Libler was 23rd in 34.18.

In the men’s 50 breaststroke, Matthew Lau was 12th in 30.13 and Matthew Segal tied for 13th in 30.15.

Casey Chung touched first in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:01.98. Sophia Tuinman was seventh in 1:03.86 and Sydney Stricklin was 14th in 1:05.10 as Club Wolverine placed three in the top 15.

Samuel Jyawook was 28th in the 200 butterfly in 2:07.48.

Club Wolverine set a meet record with a time of 3:48.74 in the 400 freestyle relay. The women’s team featured Taylor Seaman, Sydney Stricklin, Elizabeth Spears and Johanna Jorgenson.

In the men’s 400 freestyle relay, the team of Niklas Eberly, Kyle Tschannen, Nicholas Tran and David Cleason placed ninth in 3:30.57.

In the women’s 400 freestyle, Kaylee Williams was sixth in 4:23.76, Annette Dombkowski was 12thin 4:24.28 and Hannah Jyawook was 26th in 4:26.39.

In the 100 butterfly, Rhianna Hensler was 20th (1:02.71) and Elizabeth Spears was 21st in 1:03.07.

Niklas Eberly was seventh in the 100 butterfly in 55.78.

In the 200 breaststroke, Jordyn Libler was fourth overall in 2:36.10. Georgia Mosher was 11th in 2:39.23, Drue Thielking was 27th (2:40.46) and Julianne Libler was 31st in 2:45.48.

In the men’s 200 breaststroke, Michael Macgillivray was fifth in 2:21.94.

Club Wolverine made another statement in the women’s 800 freestyle relay. The team of Elizabeth Spears, Sydney Stricklin, Taylor Seaman and Kaylee Williams took first overall in 8:21.80. The team of Sophia Tuinman, Abigail Ketslakh, Kellie House and Johanna Jorgenson was third in 8:28.86 as the locals went 1-3 in the relay.

Speaking of impressive, Casey Chung took second in the 50 backstroke in 29.14. Sophia Tuinman was 13th in 30.43 and Taylor Seaman was 17th in 29.93.

In the women’s 200 IM, Elizabeth Spears was 10th in 2:21.93.

In the women’s 50 free, Taylor Seaman was 10th (26.70) and Sydney Stricklin was 11th (26.79). Johanna Jorgenson was 13th (26.89).

Niklas Eberly was 26th in the 50 free in 24.11.

It was back to the winner’s circle for Club Wolverine in the women’s 400 relay. The team of Casey Chung, Jordyn Libler, Rhianna Hensler and Taylor Seaman took first place in 4:13.18. And once again, the locals went one-three as the team of Sophia Tuinman, Drue Thielking, Elizabeth Spears and Johanna Jorgenson placed third in 4:18.82.

In the men’s 400 relay the team of Abraham Apfel, Michael Macgillivray, Niklas Eberly and David Cleason was 14th in 3:56.38. The team of Ethan Briggs, Matthew Lau, Kyle Tschannen and Nicholas Tran placed 16th in 3:58.46.

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