St Joseph Parish Invites Area Kids To Annual Vacation Bible School June 25-29

From St. Joseph Parish:

“St. Joseph Parish hosts an annual Vacation Bible School each summer to reach out to children in the community and invite them to spend some time getting closer to each other and closer to God in the ways that children learn best; through music, experiences and fun!

“Join us in Babylon June 25th-29th from 9am-12pm as we step back in time to discover what life was like back in the time of Daniel.  You’ll be a part of one of the tribes of Israel and will visit with Daniel in his room at the palace, play some fun games in the Palace Playground, learn some incredible music and visit the Suq, where you may try eating a locust or two, visit with the vendors there who are wondering just who this Daniel is and how believing in just the one, true God is possible.  You can also work with them creating some amazing things to bring home to share with your family.

“Be sure to invite a special friend to share your experiences in Babylon and bring them along!  To register visit

“We look forward to seeing you in Babylon on our Country Church campus at 6805 Mast Road in Dexter!”


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