Dexter Rotary Club Recognizes High School Seniors with STRIVE Scholarship Awards

From Rotary Club Sponsor Joe Evans:

Each year, the Dexter Rotary Club sponsors several college STRIVE (Students Taking a Renewed Interest In the Value of Education) scholarships for Dexter high school seniors.  This year, the Rotary Club awarded scholarship packages to six Dexter Dreadnaught students during the annual Senior Honors Program held June 7th at the Dexter High School Center for Performing Arts.  Scholarships are tailored to each student’s specific needs.

One STRIVE scholarship, known as the “James Brady Scholarship,” is awarded with distinction and was presented to Andrew Lloyd who plans on attending Washtenaw Community College this fall to study in a field leading to a career in the aviation industry.  Other awardees included Brielle Chalou, Marissa Buck, Hunter Christunas, Taylor Kurth, and Vantino Madison.  Each of these students plans to attend Washtenaw Community College, except for Hunter, who will attend Glen Oaks Community College.

DHS Rotary STRIVE Scholar awardees (left to right): Brielle Chalou, Marissa Buck, Hunter Christunas, Joe Evans (Rotary Club sponsor), Taylor Kurth, Andrew Lloyd and Vantino Madison

These scholarships are more than a simple cash award.  Each scholarship represents a commitment from the Rotary Club to that student’s attainment of a postsecondary education degree.  Awardees are assigned a mentor, enrolled in a 9-month health and fitness program at the Dexter Wellness Center, and are eligible for future tuition assistance and professional development along their higher education journey.

Congratulations to these deserving students!

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