Dexter Forum Notes 06-02-18

From the notes of moderator John Hansen:

My computer and I lost the addresses of the last 20 or so people who signed up to be on this list so if you are reading this on the web site, We Love Dexter or the Chamber newsletter and you are wondering why you did not get your own copy that is why.  Please sign up again at the next meeting or send me your address.

There were no tables in the room today (except one for the press and Mona) because the Wellness Center needed them for their 5th birthday party.  It gave us a chance to test the concept.  We are thinking about it.

Karl led a discussion about our session with Bridge magazine.  Most found it to be an interesting change of pace for the Forum.  We will probably give it another try next election cycle if it is available to us.

The fire hall project continues to be a ‘burning’ issue with progress noted.  (Early arrivals were treated to a pun smack down featuring our own Richard Weaver and Mary, the Sun Times News reporter who came out of nowhere to be a contender.)

Jason Maciejewski climbed up on the stump and asked us to vote for him in the primary race for county commission district one which includes the City of Dexter, Dexter Township, Scio Township and points west. Jason, a Democrat, is challenging the incumbent Democrat Kent Martinez-Kratz.  Stump speeches are not summarized – you have to be there.

We always have to talk about traffic so we did.  All of the improvement projects are causing headaches but we know that the butterflies will break out of their cocoons soon.  Then we will be back to complaining about traffic volume which is only going to get worse.

Paul Cousins gave us a peek at a project involving the piece of land just across the river on the corner of Mast and Huron River Drive.  Apparently the City, Webster Township and just about any agency with lots of initials – HCMA, HRWC, B2B, etc. – are looking at the site as a trail head for walkers and kayakers to relieve problems with access and parking in the area.  Always happy to hear when everyone is working together on a project.

We had a little time left so we called on Webster Township trustee John Scharf to give us a Webster update.  Webster is considering a new fire station to help improve emergency response times.

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 AM at the Dexter Wellness Center at 2810 Baker Road.

The Dexter Forum is supported by the Dexter Wellness Coalition as part of the 5 Healthy Towns initiative to “help connect with others in healthy ways”.  The purpose of the Forum is to create an opportunity for interested women and men to gather to discuss important issues facing our community.  All are welcome on a drop-in basis.  The group meets on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

The Forum is co-moderated by Karl Fink and John Hansen.

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