Dexter’s Coming Outdoor Attractions

Here’s a sneak peak at the new outdoor sculptures coming to Dexter this summer.

This past winter, Dexter’s Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee put forth a call for artists to submit works for the 2018-19 Dexter Art Gardens Temporary Sculpture Display. The Committee received 29 submissions from 19 sculptors.

The Committee made their selections and submitted them to the Dexter City Council to be approved for public display. The following sculptures will be displayed at these locations:

“My Canopy” by Trenton Baylor will be installed at LaFontaine Chevrolet

“Solitude” by Tuck Langland will be displayed at the steps leading down to Mill Creek Park from the Dexter District Library.

“Sun to Moon Rotation” by Mary Angers will be positioned in the Mill Creek Park amphitheater.

Many sculptures were submitted by out-of-state artists and it was decided by the Committee to recommend back-up sculptures should complications arise in transporting the chosen works. The back ups are:

“2 Blue Spires” by Gerry Newcomb

“Fowl Language” by Pamela Reithmeier


The sculptures will be put in place in mid-June after the current displays are removed. Each artist selected is paid an $800 stipend.

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