Thriving Over 50: Three Fitness Tips You Need to Start Today

The latest from Dexter Wellness Center‘s Cheri McLean:

Refresh your fitness routine this spring. Whether you have been active for most of your life or you are starting a fitness routine for the first time, you can experience the benefits of being active. Physical activity can help you manage the symptoms of menopause, joint pain and sleep issues as well as lower your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis (WebMD, 2017). Here are three fitness tips you can start today to feel great and improve your fitness level:

Walk Regularly – Walking consistently has been proven to improve your cardiovascular fitness while helping to keep your weight under control. In addition, walking is a low risk exercise that you can start today at your fitness level without requiring special exercise equipment. Dexter Wellness Center has an indoor running/walking track that you can use any time of year.

Perform Stretching Exercises – Stretching each day will help you maintain flexibility and range of motion in your joints (WebMD, 2017). These simple and gentle exercises can help reduce injury and muscle soreness. If you are new to stretch exercise, we have classes at the Wellness Center such as Gentle Yoga and Pilates Level I to teach you how to increase your core body strength and stability.

Don’t Forget Your Protein – As you get older, it’s important to maintain your muscle mass. As a major building block of muscle, protein must be replenished regularly (Quinn, 2018). Some protein sources include meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. To learn more, ask about our Nutritional Counseling services at the Member Services desk.

Use these three tips today to begin to feel your best. Being active and in shape over 50 is possible and at Dexter Wellness Center, we’re here to help you fulfill your health and fitness goals.

Cheri McLean is the Member Services Manager for Dexter Wellness Center. She holds a BA in Physical Education from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Education from the University of Toledo. Her specialty is running and wellness. Cheri recently was the Wellness Coordinator for Dexter Community Schools.


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