Covert Educational Services: How to create an effective study space at home

By Kim Covert

Parents often wonder what things they can do to set their students up for successful study skills at home. There are several things a family can consider when creating a study place in their home.

1. Pick a place. Designate a spot in your house for your student to study. It should be a place free of distractions. It should not be in the view of the television or the other things that can distract them. The place should be comfortable and well lit. Photo some photos or inspiring quotes nearby.

2. No electronics. The biggest distraction for students is their phone. Take the cell phone away from your student while they study. Do they need it for the calculator? Get them a calculator. Updates and notifications can completely interfere with study time.

3. Stock it full of supplies. Get a drawer or an area with all the supplies the student might need. Include pencils and pens, extra paper, sticky notes, and that calculator.

4. Allow for music. Some students work well while listening to music. A wireless speaker or music from a radio is okay. (Still no phone!!!)

5. Set the time. Plan the study time into the student’s evening routine. Also, if there is a large amount of work to be done, break it into manageable chunks. Allow for breaks every 30-45 minutes for a drink and to stretch and refocus.

6. Reward success. Congratulate your student when their work is done. Positive reinforcement from parents can make a big difference.

Very few students enjoy studying, but a set space can make things a bit easier. After a few weeks of a routine students will become more comfortable with taking the time to study.

Kim Covert is the owner of Covert Educational Services, featuring a number of educational services including tutoring, educational coaching and advocacy. If your child is struggling in any subject at any grade level, Kim and her staff can help turn frustration into satisfaction. For more information, call 734-223-6538 or check out

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