New Care2Cure Physical Therapy Brings Personalized Care To Dexter

Care2cure Physical Therapy is a new Outpatient Physical Therapy Practice in Dexter that is committed to provide personalized and comprehensive care to each individual patient.

I had a chance recently to sit down with Owner and Physical Therapist, Radhika Bhagat, to learn more about her new business she has brought to the City of Dexter.

Owner and Physical Therapist, Radhika Bhagat, treats each client like family with consistent one-on-one attention. It is for this reason she opened her own practice here in town last November after 14 years as a Physical Therapist for larger companies and hospitals. She says,

“The reason why I wanted to open my own practice was that I wanted patients to get a one-on-one care with their therapist. A lot of times at bigger locations, you only see the therapist for maybe the first visit and a follow up visit. After that, multiple patients are being seen at one time by staff or you don’t really get to interact with the physical therapist; the one who sets up your plan and is supposed to monitor your progress. You see an assistant or a tech.”

“Here at Care2cure, you see me for the evaluation, you see me for all the treatments,” she explains. “You see only me. I see only one patient at a time. I don’t double book. I want you to get the therapy you pay for.”

Born and raised in southeast Michigan, Radhika graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors degree in Allied Health Science where she also completed her Masters in Physical Therapy. Her wide-ranging work experience as a therapist has given her a specialization in Neurological and Geriatric Physical Therapies along with proficiency in other acute/chronic pain management of orthopedic and post surgical conditions.

Radhika has strategically chosen Dexter to open her own practice. “I wanted to be close to Ann Arbor for the hospitals,” she says. “There was already a lot of physical therapy in Chelsea but I saw an opportunity here in Dexter for a practice that offered continued personalized attention from the therapist, which I like to do.”

It all fell into place for her when she found an open spot in the small strip off Dan Hoey Road near Chelsea State Bank. Care2Cure Physical Therapy opened next to Myint Family Chiropractic and it has been a strong working business relationship right from the start with the two neighboring practices complementing each other in patient care.

It’s the creative process in providing personal care for people that first drew Radhika into Physical Therapy. “I like the idea that every patient is different,” she says. “Every patient is unique in their own way and they get their treatment based on who they are.”

Her goal is to empower clients for their own recovery. “I like that I can educate people on what’s wrong with them and how their pain is coming about so they can avoid it recurring,” Radhika explains. “I like to fix them so they don’t have pain, but then I also like to tell them how to avoid the pain in the future.”

Radhika also provides the relatively new practice of dry needling therapy. Not to be confused with acupuncture – the ancient Chinese technique that believes in redirecting and repositioning the flow of energy (Chi) for the purpose of relieving tension, stress and pain.

The Dry needling approach is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles. It is very effective for relaxing overactive muscles that cause trigger points. She explains, “A fine needle is inserted into a muscle knot and a mild electrical pulse through the needled loosens the knotted muscle.” Seeing the expression on my face, Radhika assures me, “It is painless.”

If you would like to learn more about what Radhika offers at Care2cure Therapy, you can visit her website.

Care2cure Physical Therapy

7200 Dan Hoey Rd Suite F2

Radhika Bhagat, PT, MPT, Cert DN, Owner

Phone: 734 580 2046

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