E4DS Launches 3rd Annual Fundraising Campaign

Press Release:

February 13, 2018 – E4DS (Excellence 4 Dexter Students), a community-led, non-profit group founded to provide meaningful financial support to the Dexter Community Schools, has launched its third annual fundraising campaign to enhance school programming for the 2018-2019 school year.

E4DS enhances valuable learning opportunities in Dexter Community Schools that require financial support beyond that provided by the Michigan Legislature.  E4DS developed in response to a community desire to protect Dexter’s tradition of educational excellence despite unreliable and inadequate funding levels, currently matching those from 1995.  E4DS provides a platform for local businesses, residents, and all those whom are passionate about public education to come together and pledge our support.

E4DS believes our schools are strong because of Dexter’s strong community. With the help of generous donors E4DS provided Dexter Community Schools $87,000 for program excellence since its inception in 2015.

These donations funded two years of small-group math and science enrichment for grades 3-6 at Wylie and Creekside schools.  Donations also funded a 4-Day EMU (Eastern Michigan University) Explorer’s Experience for all district 6th graders, allowing for unique STEAM learning activities as well as a chance for students to envision themselves in college.

In the future, E4DS hopes to use donations to expand small-group math and science enrichment across more grade-levels and school buildings, continue participation in a 4-Day EMU Explorer’s Experience for all district 6th graders, as well as launch an internship program for Dexter High School students.

With increased support, E4DS will expand its reach to impact all students at all grade levels.

Each and every donation will strengthen Dexter’s DreadStrong community – preserving, supporting, and expanding critical programs for Dexter’s kids.  Gifts of all levels are greatly appreciated.

More information about E4DS and school funding, including how to donate to the 2018 “Excellence Together” campaign, can be found at www.E4DS.org.  Questions can be sent to info@E4DS.org.  E4DS is on Facebook and Twitter @ E4DS Dexter.

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