Weekend Trail Report: Miller-Smith Preserve Is a Gem In Our Backyard

I almost skipped Saturday outside. I’m really glad I didn’t.

I’ve been wanting to explore the numerous preserves in the Dexter area and since I wasn’t in the mood for a long hike or ride in Pinckney Rec Area, it was a good chance to check one out. I’ve been riding by a preserve on Dexter-Chelsea Road for a few years now – right across from where Parker Road dead ends into Dexter-Chelsea Road (see map below) – but never took the time to stop in.

This is the Miller-Smith Preserve: twenty-nine acres of tall hickory and oak trees with a few ponds nestled between Dexter-Chelsea Road and the railroad tracks. Everything is frosted with a patina of snow giving the trail and woods a clean, fresh look. All scrubbed and ready to receive guests.

I have the place to myself and I’m glad. I enjoy the company of the tall hardwoods as though we’re old friends. Their bare branches are raised arms waving as I walk by. The overcast sky is a protective shroud, and the snow is swirling like a holy man’s incense. The easy walking trail is just under a mile and I can’t wait to get the grandsons out here for a blessing.

Recreation is re-creation and even in the short time out here, I’m changed.




Just a short distance from Dexter when you don’t have the time for a big excursion to one of the state rec areas.

Shoot. I may just come back tomorrow.

It’s an adventure right in our back yard.





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