Dexter Wellness Center: 4 Ways To A Stronger Heart

February is Heart Month (Get it? Heart … Valentine’s Day), and Fitness Coordinator for Dexter Wellness Center Cheri McLean shares some great ideas for a stronger heart. Here’s Cheri:

Four Workouts to Start Today for a Healthy Heart

As we celebrate American Heart Month this February, we want to encourage you to make healthy choices to support your heart health. Along with eating heart healthy foods, exercise is a great way to support your heart health and help prevent heart diseases and conditions. Here are four workouts you can start today for a healthy heart:


Whether you’re taking a brisk walk in a beautiful park or earning your miles on the treadmill, walking will support your heart health. According to a new study conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkley, California, “Walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running.” (Association, 2017).


Running provides a great cardio exercise and greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Running, and other exercises that increase your heart rate, make your heart stronger. A strong heart leads to a lower resting heart rate, meaning your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. Talk to our fitness specialists to learn more about heart rate training.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

When you swim at a brisk pace, you’ll improve your cardiovascular and fitness levels. Swimming also improves your heart and lung capacity, but is gentle on your joints. Consider stretching and toning in our warm therapy pool. The Dexter Wellness Center has many class options available.


Similar to swimming, cycling is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints and good for your heart. Cycling is a versatile exercise you can perform outside the Wellness Center or within a Spin® class. Another added benefit is that you’ll tone your lower body as well as core muscles as you cycle (MS, 2011).

For more information on exercises to improve your heart health, ask one of our fitness specialists at the Member Services desk.

Cheri McLean is the Fitness Coordinator for Dexter Wellness Center. She holds a BA in Physical Education from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Education from the University of Toledo. Her specialty is running and wellness. Cheri recently was the Wellness Coordinator for Dexter Community Schools.


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