City Of Dexter 2017 Crime Summary

Dexter City Council received the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s December 2017 summary report for police services provided to the City of Dexter.

The summary has been broken down into more detailed graphics showing the location and time of day for auto accidents, types of crimes, the trends and the approximate location where they were committed within the city limits. The information was reviewed at the Dexter City Council meeting this past Monday, January 22.

Below is the original report submitted by Washtenaw County Sheriff’s office.

The table below shows the specific crimes committed broken down by type with the 2017 trend compared to prior year. Overall, crime is down in the City of Dexter.

Below are the approximate locations of the different kinds of crimes committed.

The map below shows the location of auto accidents for 2017. The blue bar graph on the left shows that Wednesday was the day with the most crashes last year with 16, followed closely by Thursday with 15. Sunday had the least crashes with 5.

The bar graph on the right shows crashes per time of day with 3:00 pm having the most accidents with 9 followed closely by the evening rush with 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm each having 8 auto accidents. A spike can be seen during the morning rush as well as another one at midnight.

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