Bolide Meteor Flashes And Rumbles Dexter’s Night Sky

It registered a 2.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale but this was no earthquake.

Did you see it? Did you hear it? Did you feel it?

Shortly after 8 pm Tuesday night a bright flash lit up the sky across southeast Michigan. There was an explosion/rumble and an earth tremor that registered 2.0 on the Richter Scale.

The National Weather Service confirmed the meteor on Facebook.

The fireball in the night sky is being classified as a Bolide meteor. Meteors are classified as such when they enter the earth’s atmosphere but burn up before reaching the ground – a fireball. Meteorites impact the earth. Bolide meteors break up/explode before disintegrating.

The debate now among the meteorologist community is to whether the 2.0 seismic activity should be called an earthquake. Some define earthquake as seismic activity from the earth. Others declare it is any shaking of the earth from within or without. Geek wars.

Maybe you felt it. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the epicenter for the seismic activity was located 4.2-miles east of Saint Claire Shores, Michigan.

Again, this was not a point of impact but the center of the seismic tremor.

Social media lit up the night as well moments later with a variety of reactions. Here are a few posts from Reddit (subreddit Michigan):

Beginning with the sightings …

Mechanical_elf: “My girlfriend and I just texted back and forth about a bright flash we saw in the sky at the same time, even though she is in Ann Arbor and I am in East Lansing.”

ornryactor: “I’m in Ferndale, and on a conference call including people from Monroe, Flint, Midland, and Lansing, as well as throughout Southeast Michigan. Everyone felt it, and everyone’s houses shook. Monroe to Midland.”

… to the thrilling …

Gynkoba: “Yeah my buddy was driving north on US23 near dundee and said it looked like it was coming right for him.”

… to the amateur sleuthing …

BiggRanger: “36,000 MPH!!! Quick back of the napkin calculation. Watched it on my Dad’s house DVR, and it passed over his house in Livonia at 20:08:32. Watched it on my DVR and it passed my house in Williamston at 20:08:37. Both DVR’s are time synced to a time standard so they’re within a second or so of each other, and our houses are about 50 miles apart. 50 miles in 5 seconds = 10 miles per second = 36,000 miles per hour!”

… to the reporting before the news services can break it …

Docima: “There’s been reports from Chicago that they heard it. Totally saw the outdoors light up for a brief second.”

… and to the always predictable Reddit sarcasm.

StanVanGang: “Im not saying it’s Aliens but…”

Computarusar: “North Korea?”

In case you missed, here’s what everybody’s talking about.


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