Busch’s Makes It Possible To Give More … Without Giving More


I’ve been a member of Busch’s “My Way” for a long time. Every time I’m at the grocery store making a purchase, the cashier dutifully asks me “your phone number for My Way?” For a long time, I recited the number. I didn’t understand My Way and assumed it was a rewards program like REI and so many other stores offering credits based on purchase history. For months I watched my inbox with breathy, if not slavering, anticipation for my dividend. All I ever got was coupons which were only useful if I spent even more money.

I was confused. I’m sure somewhere on Busch’s website there’s some very obvious print explaining the program in simple detail. But to be honest, I’m tired of having to read paragraphs every time I want to engage a website. I get it. Don’t use the website for terrorism. Let’s move on to my benefit.

At this point I feel I must apologize to Busch’s for what is sounding like a criticism. It is not. It’s not Busch’s fault I won’t read the not-so-small print. I’ve been missing out on a really nice reward that all you other customers understand and are thinking right now “Just read the directions dumb(asterisk).” And that’s fair. Hang in there with me for a couple more paragraphs and I’ll make it right and wonderful.

But in my defense, I did ask a couple of cashiers what I should be expecting from the program besides coupons baiting me into more purchases. They couldn’t say exactly. They just keep asking the question and I just keep answering in what had turned into a tiresome Groundhog Day of Q&A. I eventually bucked the system and stopped giving them my number. It has been a year since I gave up the My Way ghost.

All this changed dramatically Thursday morning at Dexter Rotary’s weekly breakfast at Terry B’s. Rotary President Dr. Julie Schumaker was checking off bullet points on the business agenda with the group. Discussing one of the topics, Dr. Schumaker made one small comment on yet another way the cheerfully philanthropic group could give. “You can designate your My Way points at Busch’s to go to the charity of your choice” was all she said, and my world was rocked.

As soon as I got home, I fired up the laptop, found buschs.com, blew the dust off my login information and signed into my My Way account. A few key strokes later I had designated 5% of money I would spend at Busch’s anyway to a charity of my choice. It felt good and I now wished I’d been giving my number to the tireless cashiers for the past year.

If you have an inclination to do the same, here’s how, step by step:

1. Go to www.buschs.com. Click “Your Account” and then on the drop down menu click “Sign In”

2. Log in

3. Click “Your Account” again and the on the drop down menu click “Cash for Education”

4. Click on the empty drop down menu to get a listing of charities

5. I clicked on Dexter Rotary

6. With charity selected, click the “ADD” button

7. Looks like this when activated. Notice this designates funds for the last quarter of 2017

8. I repeated the process for the first quarter of 2018. I checked the box “Add to Future Quarter” and the other three quarters were designated as well.

9. It looks like this when finished. Now you’re giving more without giving more.


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