Bodacious Busy Beavers Build Booming Boxlike Barrier

Beavers have been gnawing their way around Hudson Mills Metro Park and this is really exciting.

Prized for their fur, beaver pelts helped draw attention and trade to the Great Lake region in its early days. But unrestrained trapping decimated Michigan’s population. Lucky for today’s beavers, there’s no demand for those shiny men’s hats that were all the rage in the 1800s.

Toxic water from unregulated pollution also played a role in the beaver’s demise in southeast Michigan. By the 1960’s, they had all but disappeared with only a small population surviving in northern Michigan. The exciting news, however, is that Beavers have returned to the area.

The hardy little critters numbers are on the rise and are enjoying resurgence in Michigan; notably southeast Michigan which is a testament to the tenacity of the animal and our ability to clean up our wetlands.

After a few seasons of sampling the aspens and cottonwoods of Hudson Mills, a family of beavers has decided to stay the winter. It may not seem like a big deal, but in the larger picture of nature – damage done and recovery – it’s a pretty cool story.

The Park is offering an interpretative tour of the beavers’ activity.

Details: December 16, 10:00 AM, Meet at the Activity Center, for a brief introduction, then drive to the site where the beavers are busy.

Cos is $5 per person. Please preregister by calling Hudson Mills at 734-426-8211.

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