Things To Know About Dexter’s Snow Removal

It’s that time of year when winter road maintenance becomes a top priority for the City of Dexter.

The City is responsible for clearing approximately 19 miles of public roadway. City snow plow operations begin when the Department of Public Works receives notification from the Washtenaw County Sheriff that the roads are experiencing a build-up of snow or ice.

The City asks us to help them in the following ways:

  • Remove vehicles from roads and public parking areas during and after winter storms. Vehicles left in the street while plowing is underway can be towed when they pose a safety concern.
  • Dig out fire hydrants so they are accessible at all times.
  • Remove snow from sidewalks within 48 hours of snow cessation in residential areas and within 4 hours of snow cessation or the start of business in commercial areas.
  • Keep all snow removed from sidewalks and driveways on your property.
  • Basketball hoops must be removed from the right-of-way so that they are not in the way of plow trucks.
  • Exercise extreme caution during inclement weather. If you must drive, carefully monitor weather advisories, give fellow drivers extra room, and slow down.
  • Please use caution when using the downtown sidewalks, stairs and boardwalks in the winter months. The City is committed to keeping these amenities cleared of ice and snow in a timely manner, however they can still be slippery.

Winter maintenance facts:

  • The City employs four Department of Public Works employees who are heavy equipment operators and responsible for snow plowing duties.
  • The City of Dexter spent approximately $140,000 on winter maintenance last season.
  • As temperatures fall to 10-20°F, the action of salt (which lowers the freezing temperature of water) takes longer to work.
  • Sand is sometimes used on roads during extremely cold temperatures, when salt is less effective. Sand may provide better traction, but it doesn’t melt snow and ice.

Generally, snow in the city is removed and salted beginning with the major roads – Central, Main, Board, Baker), then the side streets with alleys and parking lots last. As much as it possible, work is done at night for the ease of access and safety issues that minimal traffic creates.

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