County Crime Blotter: Break-Ins Increase Across Dexter, Scio

Last week, theft increased throughout Dexter and Scio compared to recent weeks. Four incidences of vehicle break-ins and two home burglaries occurred. The spell started last Wednesday, Nov. 15, and continued through Monday.

The first victim, who owns a pickup truck, discovered his leaf blower gone from the bed of his truck after he finished shopping at the 6400 block of Jackson Rd., around 1 p.m., last Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Then, overnight on the 16th, a wallet was snatched from a vehicle parked in a driveway at the 6600 block of Jackson Rd. Authorities assume the vehicle was left unlocked as there were no signs of forced entry.

A vacant home at the 7500 block of Marshall Rd. was the target of the next robbery, which deputies believe occurred sometime between the 17th and the 20th. The house was undergoing restoration and when the repairman locked up for the weekend, he decided to leave his tools inside. What seemed like a good idea at the time, turned out to be an erroneous decision when the victim came back Monday morning to find his tools taken. Currently, there are no suspects.

Another break-in occurred overnight on Sunday, Nov. 19, at the 300 block of Chestnut Blvd. Keys were stolen out of a vehicle parked in a driveway there.

A vehicle parked at truck stop at the 200 block of Baker Rd. fell victim to larceny on Monday, Nov. 20, after thieves pilfered an odd combination of medication and tools from the back seat. The victim, who thought he left his car locked, returned after a couple hours to find his door ajar and possessions gone.

At this time, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department is unsure if these vehicle crimes are related. There are currently no suspects in any of the cases.

Service workers may or may not be to blame in the final incident of thievery in Dexter. A homeowner at the 8600 block of Fox Hill Ct. returned from vacation Monday morning to find his watch missing from the counter. Authorities are still investigating this episode of burglary to determine whether the crook was someone with permissible access to the house or someone else.

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