“Yoga And Personal Development” Presented To BOE As Possible Course

Yoga may be coming to Dexter High School’s Physical Education. The idea was presented to Dexter’s Board of Education at their October 30 meeting.

The course, titled “Yoga and Personal Development”, gives students another option to learn how to be physically active. The variety of different types of yoga increases the chance that students can find a practice that best fits them.

One of the driving forces behind such a course is to provide students with a healthy way of combating the stress and anxiety that comes from an increasing reliance upon technology in our culture, especially in social interaction.

Dexter High School Physical Education Instructor, Kelly Ottaviani, told the Board “One of the things we’re finding is that with technology people are feeling so isolated, and they don’t know how to have a good strong relationship. And if you have those good, strong relationships you’re less likely to have mental health issues.”

The benefits of “Yoga and Personal Development” on the physical body include improved flexibility and body composition. Mental health benefits include reducing anxiety, coping strategies and stress reduction.

In a printed plan given to the Board, Ottaviani said “My goal throughout a student’s time at DHS, is for them to learn and/or discover one activity that they enjoy doing, and to continue doing it beyond school to stay healthy and active. Yoga is a lifelong activity that anyone can do no matter what your ability level is, what injuries you have or how much time you have. There is something for everybody.”

The core concepts of the class would have students,

  • Analyze and evaluate the effects of physical activity and nutrition on the body.
  • Spend time in physical activity that are moderate to vigorous intensity level for 7 days a week.
  • Develop and implement a plan for improving or maintaining health related fitness status.
  • Perform a five element movement sequence with flow in dynamic settings.
  • Perform specialized movement activities utilizing mature form of movement skills and concepts.
  • Exhibit behaviors which exemplify each of the personal/social character traits of responsibility, best effort, cooperation and compassion in dynamic settings.

Ottaviani told  the Board in her printed outline, “In this course, students will be exposed to several different types of yoga via myself, guest teachers, videos and peers. This will give students the knowledge and self confidence to be able to continue to practice yoga beyond their high school career. Trying something new can be very intimidating, and if you have already experienced yoga, you will be more likely to continue to do it.”

The presentation to the Board was for discussion purposes only with a decision as to whether or not incorporate the class coming at a future meeting.

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