13 Days Of Halloween: Dark Synchronicity

Coincidence always causes us to pause and wonder, usually in a good way about the unexplained benevolence that seems to have been bestowed. But there are dark coincidences as well that are as disturbing as they are amazing. Is Something out there out to get us from time to time?

2002: A man is riding his bike along Highway 8 in Finland when he is struck by a car and killed. His body is taken away and life resumes on the busy road. Two hours later another man is crossing the road in the same spot. He is also struck and killed by a car. The second man had no knowledge of the first. The two were brothers.

1975: A man is riding his moped in Bermuda when he is struck by a taxi and killed. One year later another man is riding his moped in the same place when he too is struck and killed by a taxi. The two victims were brothers. It gets weirder; it was the same taxi driver. The same passenger was also riding in both incidents.

1975: Two brothers, John and Arthur Mowforth live 80 miles apart in England. The two men experience chest pains at the same time and are taken to two different hospitals where records show they are admitted at the exact same time. The same records show the brothers each died of a massive heart attack within minutes of each other.

1922: John Tierney is part of an advance survey team for the Hoover Dam project when he is caught in a flash flood on the wild Colorado River and swept away. He is considered the first fatality in the massive building project. Thirteen years later his son Patrick, who is also a worker on the dam, plummets 320 feet to his death.

Both men were killed on Dec 20. But stranger still, while the father was considered the first fatality during construction, his son Patrick is considered the last death.

1999 Alaska: 15-year-old Michael Palmer is riding home with his friends at night. At some point, the friends notice Michael is no longer with them. They stop and wait. He never arrives. He is never seen again. The ensuing search turns up only his bike.

Eleven years later Michael’s older brother, Chuck, is snowmobiling with friends. It’s also night. At some point the group notices Chuck is not with them. He is never seen again. A search finds his snowmobile abandoned in waist-deep snow. There are no footprints or other signs in the deep snow around the vehicle, just the snow machine sitting there.

1900: King Umberto I of Italy goes into a quaint restaurant near Monza. The restaurant owner comes out and everyone is shocked by the similarity of the two. They could be twins. As the conversation continues throughout the evening, it is discovered they were both born March 14, 1844 and both their wives were named Margherita. They also discovered the day the owner opened his restaurant was the day of Umberto’s coronation.

The next day the King was saddened to receive the news that this restaurant owner had been senselessly gunned down in the street. Later that same day Umberto was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci.

1865 & 1963: Lincoln & Kennedy

  • Elected to Congress 100 years apart
  • Became President 100 years apart
  • Shot in the head on a Friday while seated next to their wives
  • Killers had three names with 15 letters
  • Killers detained by a police officers named Baker
  • Killers assassinated before trial
  • Booth shoots in a theatre, caught in a warehouse (barn). Oswald shoots from a warehouse, caught in a theatre.
  • Lincoln in Box #7, Kennedy in Car #7
  • Both successors named Johnson born 100 years apart

There are more similarities which Snopes.com puts in doubt. But perhaps the darkest coincidence is that when it was suggested to Lincoln that he increase his personal guard, he responded “If somebody wants to take my life, there is nothing I can do to prevent it.” Just hours before his own assassination, President Kennedy reportedly told his worried wife, “Jackie, if somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?”

1864: Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes, is boarding a train when he notices a young man about to be crushed by a train as it begins to move. He pulls the man from the tracks saving his life. His name, Robert Lincoln, son of the President.

1746: Jean Marie Dubarry is executed in France on February 13 for killing his own father. One-hundred years later, another man is also executed in the same area for killing his father. The date was also February 13. His name was also Jean Marie Dubarry.

1911: Sir Edmund Berry is murdered in London at Greenberry Hill. His murderers were hanged and their names were Green, Berry, and Hill.

1981: South African astronomer Danie du Toit is giving a lecture in which he remarks, “Death can come at any time.” After his speech, he pops a peppermint into his mouth and chokes to death.

1838: Poe writes his only novel The Narrative of Arthur Gorden Pym of Nantucket in which there is a scene where a ship’s crew is in a lifeboat without food or water. The manage to catch a turtle and eat it. After that, straws are drawn to decide who will be killed to feed the rest. The death straw goes to the young Richard Parker.

Forty-six years later, a yacht leaves England and sinks in a storm. The four-man crew launches the lifeboat but has no food or water. They do catch a turtle. The men consider drawing straws but young 17-year-old Richard Parker falls overboard while drinking seawater to quench his thirst.

Since he will die anyway, the other three decide to kill him and drink his blood before the salt can contaminate it. They do. They are rescued and tried for murder back in England.

1898: Morgan Robertson writes a novella, The Wreck of the Titan about a ship that sinks in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg. It sounds eerily similar to the real sinking of the RMS Titanic fourteen years later. The story was written before the RMS Titanic was even conceptualized. Other similarities besides the name, the place, and iceberg include:

  • The Titanic was 882 feet long. The Titan was 800 feet long.
  • Neither ship had near enough lifeboats for their number of passengers.
  • Both were described as “unsinkable.”
  • Both had triple screw propellers.
  • Both sank on a night in the month of April.
  • The Titanic struck an iceberg on the starboard side while moving at 22.5 knots 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland.
  • The Titan struck an iceberg on the starboard side while moving at 25 knots … 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland.

2000: The video game Deus Ex is released. It was immediately noticed the skybox artist forgot to add the Twin Towers of the New York City skyline. The error was addressed by an explanation within the game saying it was the result of a terrorist attack.

Perhaps most disturbing notion is that we just don’t have the understanding to explain some things.

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