City Seeks Public Input Through New Geography-based Online Feedback System

Do you have an opinion on something specific in Dexter and whether it should be changed, preserved, or improved?

The City of Dexter recently launched a public feedback drive at Apple Daze, kicking off an effort to gauge the direction that the public would like to see city efforts take, or the overall direction of Dexter in general.

Carlisle/Wortman Associates established the interactive feedback page, which can be found at the following embedded link.

Visitors to the page can see what feedback others have left and locate each piece of feedback on a pertinent point on the virtual map of Dexter, and/or choose an area of Dexter and submit a comment indicating that something at that point should be changed, preserved, or improved.

With the ability to designate oneself as either a resident or non-resident, feedback from visitors to Dexter is as welcomed as feedback from residents.

City officials have long sought public feedback to gauge the temperature of the Dexter community since the delicate process of transitioning from being a village to a city.

Now that the transition has been undertaken and Dexter is a charter city, officials continue to seek feedback to maintain a steady and gentle course of development and growth within the city’s boundaries.

More information on the Apple Daze booth and online effort in general will be shared publicly via the city’s email newsletter and as a discussion item at a future city council meeting, according to city officials.

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