Sweeney Todd Returns to The Encore Musical Theatre Friday

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“Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd…” In the original story, a barber unjustly imprisoned by a corrupt judge, Sweeney returns to 19th century London after fifteen years to take his revenge on the man who took him from his wife and young daughter. Todd’s need for vengeance becomes indiscriminately murderous (and profitable) when he partners with the unscrupulous Mrs. Lovett and opens his new barber practice above her failing meat pie shop. With his busy straight razors and her new secret ingredient, their fame grows until Todd comes face to face with the judge to avenge his family.

With The Encore’s 10th Anniversary production, we bring you a new, immersive, unexpected retelling of this thrilling story, reset in a 1940’s London factory. The usual seating has been split into three sections, two of which are where the stage usually is. The goal of this seating and set design for SWEENEY TODD is to create a captivating experience while never venturing into audience participation. The unconventional staging concept of the show go hand-in-hand with the set design and seating chart.

Last summer’s Wilde Award Nominated production of ASSASSINS had a fantastic cast, a majority of whom are returning to be in Sweeney Todd. Additionally, ALL of the creative team is back for Sweeney Todd, including Director Matthew Brennan and Wilde Award winning Musical Director Tyler Driskill.

Showtimes are as follows:
Thursdays at 7:30
Fridays at 7:30
Saturdays at 2:00 and 7:30
Sundays at 2:00

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