Dexter Students Score High In Statewide Test

The M-STEP is an online test designed to gauge how well students are mastering state standards. Every year the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requires school districts to administer the M-STEP test. The tests are given in Spring with the results released in August.

The test intended to by a “system check” to measure how well curriculum is aligned, instructional strategies are effective, and if students are progressing as anticipated. It is a broad outline of what students should know and be able to do in order to be prepared to enter the workplace, career education training, and college.

It is important to keep in mind that the M-Step scores are just one measurement used among a number of such tools used to gauge student’s progress. M-STEP results, when combined with classroom work, report cards, local district assessments and other tools, offer a comprehensive view of student progress and achievement.

Below is an overview of how DCS students scored compared to other Washtenaw County public school districts both in 2016-17 and in 2015-16 school years. Washtenaw County is the highest performing county in the State of Michigan. The 9 shaded areas are where Dexter students scored highest in the county.

Dexter School Board member Dr. Julie Schumaker made the point, “Washtenaw County is the highest performing county in the state, so our peer group is a high performing peer group and to score first in the country in nine areas is very significant.”

While the board agrees Dexter Students as a whole are scoring well in what is already a high performing county, they also agree that there are still opportunities to be explored, to not only improve test scores, but to prepare students for what comes next after graduation.

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