SRSLY Dexter Invites Community to Cultural Competency Workshop this October


SRSLY Dexter is excited to announce a free workshop open to all members of the Dexter community, including business leaders, civic groups, school staff, parents, law enforcement, and health care personnel. The Cultural Competency Workshop will focus on personal, organizational and community change to assist communities in creating more welcoming, inclusive and equitable environments for all. This workshop will take place at the Dexter District Library on Wednesday, October 4 from 1 to 4 p.m.

This engaging session will provide a framework for understanding cultural competency development as an ongoing process of personal, organizational and community change. It is grounded in the underlying principle that “cultural competency” is not simply a process of learning about “others,” but that it begins with developing an understanding of one’s own cultural background, beliefs, biases, worldviews and attitudes. Participants will work together to provide examples of cultural competency development and apply what they are learning to their work and life in Dexter.

Cultural competence is an essential skill in both personal and professional interactions. Below are four reasons why you should consider attending:

• A culturally competent community increases respect and mutual understanding between everyone involved, promotes inclusion and equality, and boosts participation and involvement from underrepresented groups.
• A community that is culturally competent will see a surge in creativity during problem-solving through new perspectives, ideas and strategies.
• People will have a better understanding of themselves and how they fit in the community.
• A community will see positive growth when all members feel welcome, understood and appreciated.
The SRSLY coalition is hosting this training free of charge for community members because these principles support more effective prevention of youth substance abuse.
Anyone interested in attending can RSVP by completing the following Google form: Questions can be directed to


SRSLY is a community coalition dedicated to the prevention of destructive behavior in youth. SRSLY’s mission is to empower youth to live healthy, substance-free lives by bringing the community together. SRSLY was formed in 2008 in response to local data showing teens in Chelsea are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than state and national averages. SRSLY promotes positive family and community involvement and school bonding, works to limit youth access to alcohol and other drugs and reduce parental approval of youth drug use. SRSLY receives support from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation and the Coghlan Family Foundation. For more information, call (734) 593-5279, or visit
The SRSLY coalition consists of representatives from across Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester and Stockbridge, including the schools, hospital, library, law enforcement, churches, businesses, parents and youth. SRSLY focuses on primary prevention among youth aged 10 to 15, but is open to anyone interested in preventing youth substance use by promoting a more positive and healthy community.

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