Improved Internet Service Coming To Dexter Township, Hopefully

The discontent with internet service providers has gotten the attention of the Dexter Township Trustees. In response to a number of complaints, a committee has been formed to investigate the issue and to see what, if anything, can be done.

Frustrations that have been voiced thus far include weak broadband causing slow movement moving around the web and slow downloading. A bigger irritation is intermittent service. Sometimes service shuts down completely for inexplicable reasons. This isn’t just a personal nuisance, some business activities are suspended until the internet comes back on again.

Trustee Mike Compton is heading up the focus group that will evaluate residents’ specific concerns about internet service and then see if there is an avenue that can be taken to remedy those issues. The effort is just getting started and they are in the early discovery phase.

A survey regarding internet service was recently sent out to approximately 3,000 households. To date, 761 of the surveys have been returned. The data is being processed, but Compton did remark that the survey is showing residents put an emphatically high value on the importance of having good internet service.

More survey results will be forthcoming and We Love Dexter will pass them along as it becomes available as well as keeping you informed as to how the overall effort progresses.

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