Dexter Forum September 17 Retrospective

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Another fine fall morning and another great group to ‘Listen and Learn’ about our community.

Pat Wilkins started us off with a discussion about the effort in the Michigan Legislature to align state law with the Citizen’s United supreme Court decision on campaign finance laws. This issue has heavy partisan overtones but it was noted that it applies to all parties and is a threat to citizen democracy from both sides.

Jan Stagg had notes from the Huron Clinton parks meeting that indicated that our golf course will remain open and will be improved and promoted. She also noted that the folks who were building the canoe facility in downtown Dexter have purchased Skip’s Livery in Delhi Park.

Paul Cousins had the answer to last weeks question about the future of the big farm near Strawberry Lake Road. It will be called Base Lake Farm and involves land preservation agreements and other gentle uses and no big residential development.

Phyllis Risdon was wearing an Air Force t-shirt in violation of local football rivalry ordinances but was given a pass based on family connections.

And then we talked about football – a first for us. In this case high school football and the dispiriting nature of a 35 game losing streak by our Dreadnaughts. There was real empathy for a group of seniors who may never experience a victory in their entire high school career. There were lots of ideas about how we got into this situation and no clear path forward.

There were lots of infomercials today. Fall is a busy season in Dexter.

Webster Fall Festival is Saturday, September 23.
Veterans Fair is Monday, September 18 at the VFW on Wagner Road in Ann Arbor
The Dexter Community Band begins its season On October 29
St. James Church hosts Coffee and Conversation on October 5 at 6:30. The program is entitled One Nation Under God: Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion.

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, October 7 at 8:30 AM at the Dexter Wellness Center. (September is one of those 5 Saturday months so it gives us a little breather.)

This post was submitted by John Hansen.

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